Kennel Time by Cherry Lee

  • ISBN: 9781609823443
  • Written by: Cherry Lee


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Sometimes a girl just needs a little petting…and maybe a spanking with a rolled up newspaper.

Sabrina is a workaholic corporate lawyer whose staff considers her a real pit bull. Little do they know about the bitch in her waiting to be awakened. When she meets Brian at a friend’s wedding, the photographer sees the suppressed submissive side in her eyes. His dominating personality brings her inner puppy out to play.

The two engage in some serious master/pet role playing and Sabrina’s inhibitions and stress evaporate under Brian’s command. She comes to crave the release his training gives her. But when they attend an extreme erotic party, Sabrina sees herself with fresh eyes and begins to question the role she has so easily accepted. Can she balance her real world persona with her desire to be caged and humiliated?

Warnings: This title contains puppy play, tail plugs, whipping, discipline, caging, and much doggy-style sex.

Word Count: 21,900



Wendy, HEA Reviews, 5/5 CUPS

"This story is beyond anything I could have ever imagined. It held my attention and gave me a true insight to a part of BDSM that I have never seen or read. Cherry's description was so methodical, it felt as if I was there with Sabrina and Brian through their discovery of becoming master and pet.  Great job, Cherry!"

 Mistress S., Bound to Review, 4.5/5 STARS

"Ms Lee plays on [the characters] strengths and weaknesses to fill out this wonderful story. The plot moves along at a good clip, taking the reader right along with it, keeping you interested to see what will happen and wanting to see their relationship grow… Ms Lee is a talented author and I really like her voice."

Marissa, Sizzling Hot Books, 4/5 HEARTS

"Kennel Time is not for the faint of heart, but it is a read that is worth it. I loved the there was a story line before they jumped into the role playing. Kennel Time was my first novel by Cherry Lee but it won't be my last. I look forward to reading her other books and they are now on my wish list."


He looked down into her eyes not so very much lower than his, but enough that she had to tip her head back to meet his gaze. “I’m guessing you’re addicted to your career and haven’t made many new friends since college, at least no one you could drag along with you tonight. I’m also guessing if you weren’t here, you’d be home alone, crashing after a sixty hour work week.”

She held up her hands. “You win. I’m a workaholic. A walking cliché of the over-stressed, career-oriented woman.”

“Everyone could be considered a cliché. You’re the high-powered corporate bitch. I’m the laid-back wanna-be artist. Everyone fits into a slot. But we’re all so much more than that, aren’t we?” He leaned close, not letting her look away from his eyes, feeling the smoothness of her skin beneath his hand, and the warmth of her body, so close. She smelled delicately of some perfume that probably cost much more than his cheap suit.

“We’re not just cardboard cutout people,” he continued. “We have inner angels and demons, hopes, dreams, crazy-assed urges. Every single fucking person here is a little bit different from every other one.” He slid his hand up and down her arm and felt it pebble with gooseflesh from his touch. “What are your secret dreams and urges?”

“Did anyone ever tell you that you come on kind of strong?” She quirked an eyebrow, trying for cool, but the fact that her voice cracked ruined the effect.

Bryan slid his hand down her arm once more and then released her. “What do you want?”

“Huh?” She blinked, coming out of the trance he’d put her in.

“From the bar?” He grinned. “What do you want to drink?” They’d moved up in line and the bartender awaited their order.

“A glass of Chardonnay, please.” She accepted the plastic cup of wine and drank deeply. Her face was flushed and the alcohol hadn’t even hit her system yet.

Brian grabbed a cup of beer and put a hand to her waist to guide her out the side exit. Fresh air hit them as they left the crowded dining hall behind. It was late evening, the sun long set, and the back parking lot cast in the yellow glow of sodium light. They stood in deep shadow on the side of the building, private and alone.

Sabrina finished her wine then stared into the cup as if surprised to find it empty. Her pale gray dress shimmered in the darkness. Brian couldn’t keep from reaching out and stroking his hand over the smooth material where it covered her stomach. The dress suited her—cool, elegant, expensive, and waiting for someone like him to muss it up. Sabrina looked up at him, opened her mouth to make small talk, but he shushed her with a finger to her lips. Brian understood the subtle dynamics of power, how to nurture and maintain it, and right now he demanded her silence. The longer they both remained in this state of hushed quiet, the more a sense of intimacy grew between them.

He set his beer on the ground and straightened before sliding his hands around her waist. He dipped his head, peering into her eyes through the dimness, giving her time to adjust to the fact he was about to kiss the hell out of her.

I...” All of her protests—I don’t know you. I don’t do things like this. What the hell do you think you’re doing?—remained stuck in her throat. She swallowed hard.

“Good girl,” Brian breathed and then he touched his lips to hers.

* * * * *

His kiss surprised her. Not that he was doing it, which she had felt coming since the moment their eyes met, but how light and soft it was. Sabrina had half expected this dominant male to seize control and smash his mouth against hers. Instead Brian delicately plucked at her lips and slid his tongue lightly over them. But his arms around her back were strong, supporting her and making her feel ridiculously safe. It was crazy. She didn’t know this man at all, but she knew him on some primal level—an instant recognition of her master.

One hand slid up her back, the other cupped her ass, and his kiss deepened. Sabrina gripped his shoulders and held on, arching her neck and tilting her face so their mouths might fuse more fully. Their tongues swirled around one another, mingling sharp beer and sweet wine. As her belly tightened, her pussy opened, aching to be filled. It had been a long time since Sabrina had even kissed a man, let alone had sex. Her vibrator was serviceable, much less trouble than any kind of relationship, but oh God, how she’d missed this.

Lunch was a distant memory and the glass of wine settled like liquid heat in her empty stomach, making her head whirl. Brian kissed her breathless and for a moment she thought she might black out. Sabrina pulled away with a gasp and clung to him.

He petted her, smoothing her hair and freeing it from the barrette that held it in a twist. “You look better with it down. Keep it this way,” he ordered as he combed it out with his fingers.

Sabrina felt she ought to protest his domineering tone. She’d certainly never put up with it from a man in her work life, but this was different. She was different with him. With every new order he gave her in that low, even voice, she felt a layer of her reserve strip away. She wanted to obey him and she wanted him to tell her what to do.

Brian led her away from the exit door, deeper into the shadows. The wood siding snagged at her dress as he lifted her up and pinned her against the side of the building. She wrapped her legs around his hips, her skirt riding high and cool air tickling her bare thighs. In contrast, his hand was fire trailing up her leg before gripping her rear.

His body was hard and insistent, the bulge of his erection pressing into her belly and his hot mouth nuzzling her neck. He sucked on her throat then nipped it lightly, a growl vibrating from his mouth into her skin. She moaned and tipped her head back against the wall, offering herself. Her fingers clutched his shaggy hair, holding him to her. She wanted more, more, more. All common sense fled beneath the onslaught of need. She couldn’t find it in her to care that someone else might come out the exit at any minute and find them there. In fact, the idea only added to her excitement and arousal.

His hand slid beneath her skirt and panties, fingers tracing the lip of her pussy and seeking her wet center. Sabrina gasped, suddenly shocked from an alternate world in which she did exactly what he bid her into cold reality. “No. this is crazy. I can’t...”

“Sh.” He nipped her collarbone, sending another bolt of desire through her. “Yes you can. You will. You don’t have any choice. Submit to me.” Each statement struck like a low gong, vibrating through the air and filling her mind. Her will crumbled again as his fingers plunged between her lips and into her body. She squirmed and struggled—not to get away but to impale herself on his hand.

Sabrina whimpered and ground against him. Brian continued to support her with one arm while his hand explored her cunt. His thumb grazed over her clit and electricity jolted through her. She hissed.

“You like that? Need it, I think. It’s been too long.”

“Mm,” she murmured.

He pinched her clit hard, gave it a little twist and she squeaked. “Oh God!” Her fingers dug into his shoulders.

“Like it rough,” he muttered. “I thought you would.”

could he know? He’d glimpsed her through the eye of his camera and come up with all these assumptions about her, and so far every one of them was correct. How could he see in an instant what people who surrounded her every day had no clue about?

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