Mistress of Seduction by Alex Jordaine

  • Written by: Alex Jordaine


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John Morton isn’t really interested in sex – or so he’s always told himself. But then he meets high-end professional dominatrices Suzanne Greenwood and Laura Collins who employ him to manage their finances. And in getting to know them as more than clients he realises exactly how wrong he’s been.

Under the seductive influence of the two stunning dommes John’s years of self-deception unravel. He’s at first shocked then deeply thrilled and excited to discover the true nature of his sexuality. It feels amazingly liberating to submit to the strict discipline the women inflict upon him, his backside smarting hotly from their cruel punishment, his erection raging.

Suzanne and Laura constantly push John’s boundaries, upping the ante all the time, and in the process take him into the dark depths of hardcore BDSM. But his ever more extreme experiences at their sadistic hands eventually bring him to a point where he loses his nerve. He feels compelled to bring that heady chapter of his life to an end.

At the same time one of John’s other clients, a talented young fashion designer called Monika Lewis, tells him she’s very attracted to him. He jumps at the opportunity of starting a “normal” sexual relationship with the dynamic blonde beauty. It doesn’t work out though and he gives up on her. But she doesn’t give up on him. With help from an unexpected quarter Monika prepares a less than tender trap for the unsuspecting John.



When John got inside he made straight for the bedroom, intent on stripping off and having a shower. As he entered the bedroom he caught a brief glimpse of himself in the full-length mirror on the back of the wardrobe and stopped to take a closer look at the reflection of his face. It stared back at him, exactly the same as it always looked. His appearance hadn’t changed at all. But he had. He could feel it deep inside: an entirely altered perspective on the world. 

John still found it hard to believe what he had seen on the TV screen in Laura’s living room, still less what she had done to him in that same room and afterwards in her dungeon. God Almighty, he said to himself in amazement, when he’d agreed to go and see her this evening he hadn’t envisaged anything like that happening to him at all. He could still feel the effects of the sublime pleasure-pain Laura had delivered to his backside with the flat of her hand, the strap and the whip.

John stripped naked and brought his hands to his behind, letting his fingertips seek out the most sensitive areas of pain. He squirmed as he explored himself and each spasm of sensation brought memories flooding back of what had happened to him at Laura’s sadistic hands.

John’s mind raced at the memories of all that delirious humiliation and pain. His rear was marked with the evidence of his chastisement and he could feel the burning ache of it as he turned to look over his shoulder at the wardrobe mirror, anxious to view the marks he’d just felt with his fingers. 

As he looked at the reflection of his naked punished rear in the mirror, continuing to experience the after-burn of all that punishment, he was conscious of the pounding of his heart. It was beating so loudly that for a few moments he heard nothing else. He felt aroused again, his cock already at half-mast. And his reflection in the mirror made him feel even more turned-on as he gazed over his shoulder, captivated by the dark outlines of the harsh punishment Laura had inflicted on his backside.

Still gazing behind him at his punished rear in the long mirror, he began to relive the experience of his chastisement by Laura: the way she’d beaten his backside with ever greater ferocity, slicing more and more red heat through his body; the way it had burned into his skin, sinking deeper and deeper. The thought of it sent shock waves through his nervous system and made him shiver with excitement, made the tip of his now fully erect shaft wet and sticky with pre-cum.

He continued to gaze at the marks of his chastisement, those blazing lines of fire on his flesh.  The sight of them sent thrills of pleasure through his body. Lust glittering in his eyes and his breath coming faster, he touched his hard cock, encircling it with his fist.

John rubbed his shaft softly at first, flicking his thumb over the wet slit of its glans. Then he started to masturbate harder, his eyes shining with ever mounting desire as he jerked his erection rhythmically. He turned slightly so that he could continue to observe his damaged rear while also looking at himself rubbing his hard-on, his fingers moving up and down.


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