Time-Share Wife by Jessica Mandella

  • Written by: Jessica Mandella


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I’ve been getting vicarious enjoyment from my wife’s stories of office life with her boss.  Half her waking day is spent at the office, her home away from home.  I want her to enjoy his half as much as my half.  My heart is secretly hoping my worst fears will come true.  I’m hoping she’ll give herself to him in love.  I’ve gone past the point of no return.  I want her to do this.  Her desire has infected my soul.  I’m desperately craving to hear that he’s had her.  Watching it happen will be amazing.  The epic thrill will be mind blowing.

Eight hours a day I can’t have her anyway.  Someone else might as well. 

Now he’s her day husband.  During the night she’s mine to hold.  During the day she’s his to hold.  I never know when it might be happening.  They might be doing it at this moment, or a half hour from now.  My wife is in love with her boss.  They’re not just cheating.  They’re making love.  This rips at my heart with more power than the idea of her meeting some random stranger.  This hurts and thrills me.  It’s intoxicating.



I was there when he hired her.  I can still hear Angus asking me.  “Can I borrow your wife eight hours a day?”  Being an erotic author, my twisted, perverted mind takes it the wrong way, of course.


Jill spends half her waking day in that office…her home away from home.  I want her to enjoy her half of life with him as much as her half with me.  My mind pleads with her to give herself to him.  She can tell me about it later, as long as she enjoys herself now.  My dick is thinking for me, and it has a plan.  It wants him to fuck her.


My dick wants Angus to fuck her every day.  This is the thrill her days have been missing since she’s been there, away from me.  She’s still a very horny girl.  She needs to become a very naughty, very horny girl.  I’m way past writing about wife sharing fantasies now.  I’m craving her telling me she’s doing it.  I’m craving it real bad, in real life.  My dick is running the show.  Cue the fantasy.


Angus is sitting at his desk, giving her that look again.  His gaze brushes against her nipples, making them instantly hard.  She catches her breath, trying not to look down at his package.  She does look.  It’s enormous!  Jill is wondering what it would taste like in her mouth, what it would feel like pushing up inside her.  Jill makes a brave decision with ultimate finality.  My dear faithful wife sways up to Angus’s desk and sits on the edge of it.  Angus is by the leads table.  Her skirt is open enough for him to see halfway up her inner thighs.  Jill shifts a bit more so he can see she forgot to wear underwear today, for him...again.  She feels the fresh, cooling air wafting upon the dew of her hot, moist arousal.  He takes in the aroma drifting up to him.

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