Toxic Desire by Ellie Douglas

  • Written by: Ellie Douglas


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Imagine waking up from a blackout, your memory betraying you as to where you have been or what you have done. This is what happens to beautiful and sexy, 24 year old, Annabelle Worthington.

Growing up, Annabelle’s life was anything but normal. Living with loveless parents, she was subjected to unimaginable abuse and torture at the hands of those who should have protected her. Her saving grace was her relationship with Ivy and Eva.

As an adult, she met Brett Campbell and 
finally her world became filled with the happiness, stability and love that she had never known. Then something unthinkable happens that destroys her idyllic life and fills her with rage. Annabelle’s blackouts increase and memories of her abusive childhood threatens to imprison her.

When Ivy and Eva 
comes back into her life, Annabelle elicits their help to rid the world of all cheating bastards.

Is there anything that can stop them before they wreak havoc on California? Which of them really poses the most danger to those who least expect it?

How many lives will be lost because of sexual desires and memories from the past?



When Ivy came out of the bathroom, Danson had removed his clothing. His skin looked flawless  and Ivy couldn’t wait to devour him. He had his back to her, and when he turned around, Ivy was awestruck. She had never seen a cock that big before. It was even bigger than the guy’s from the orgy. It wasn’t just long, but it was the girth. He was as wide as her largest vibrator. She looked at it greedily, knowing this was something that could really stretch her pussy out and fill her up. She was licking her lips when Danson motioned toward her. She fell to her knees and gripped tightly with her left hand around his shaft.

“Use the right hand. I want to see the bracelet as you suck me,” Danson said. He pushed her left hand down. Ivy was taken aback by his kinkiness, but went with it. Her focus was on his massive cock. Danson eased his cock into her open mouth. Her tongue pushed it to the side of her cheek. The skin was firm and he tasted like salted soap and expensive coconut soap. It made her lap him up like a hungry kitten.

Danson’s eyes were open wide. He didn’t stop staring at the bracelet. With each stroke, he seemed to be more aroused. It made Ivy giggle inside. His hands cradled her head, lightly pushing her mouth onto his oversized cock. He could feel his cock touching the back of her throat and was amazed at her ability to suck him without gagging. Not even his wife could master his size. He was further surprised  when Ivy downed him even more, her mouth closer to his aching, filled balls. His hands squeezed a little firmer over her head  and then he lowered his hands to her shoulders. Ivy pulled his cock all the way out of her mouth and took a deep breath.

She slid it back in, paying special attention to every bit of his throbbing hot member. Running her tongue in rapid zigzags, her mouth pursed into an o-shape, drawing him in tightly with her lips while her tongue danced across every inch that filled her mouth. Her hands squeezed his balls, cupping them, massaging them, and pulling them together. One hand stayed over his balls, while the one with the bracelet ran up the full length, then back down, stroking him harder and harder.

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