Tessa’s Secret Admirer by Elle Danielson

  • Written by: Elle Danielson


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Tessa has no intention of attending her upcoming high school reunion. Ten years ago, she vowed never to set foot on that campus again. Woodside High School holds nothing but bad memories for her, the worst of which was losing her diary on graduation day. She had poured her heart into that diary. She’d even written about her secret fantasy of making love to a mysterious stranger who kept her blindfolded, and concealed his identity. But a few days before the reunion, she receives an anonymous note from the man who found her diary all those years ago. The secret admirer she never knew she had is finally ready to make his move. He wants to make all of fantasies come true. But will she have the courage to let him?





Tessa reached out, her tentative fingers brushing against his muscular chest, feeling the light sprinkling of hair. The blindfold made her brave. Her fingers explored up to his shoulders and down his strong arms, ending at the tips of his long sensitive fingers, only to land in his lap where they shyly made their way to his cock, which was standing erect and hardened even more when she made contact. She heard his sharp intake of breath when her fingers touched him there. But when she said she wanted to touch him, she meant everywhere. She briefly explored his cock and balls and then made her way up to his face. She felt a strong jaw, clean-shaven chin, straight nose, nice even features. She reached up to his hair, which was straight, parted in the middle, a little too long to be professional, but not long enough to relegate him to working in a tattoo parlor or a pawn shop. She wondered what he did for a living. He had the body of a construction worker, but he spoke like an intellectual.

He took her hand in his, and brought it to his lips. “Have you figured it out yet?”

“What, who you are? No. I don’t even have a list of potential people you might be. I thought I knew who you were earlier tonight at the reunion, but I was wrong.”

“Well, don’t think about it too hard. I’m kind of enjoying this kinky little thing we’ve got going on.”

“I noticed that a minute ago when I was fondling your nether regions. Do you want to play some more?”

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