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  • Written by: Cherry Lee


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 Shrinking Violet her school mates once called her. Violet has never grown any bolder than she was back then. She has spent the last couple of years as a full time slave to a wheelchair-bound Master, content to live quietly doing his bidding.

When he tells her she’s to be sold to a trainer who prepares women to be ponies, Violet is afraid. She doesn’t do well with change or venturing out of her comfort zone. But Tom, the trainer takes her in hand and expands her horizons. Bit by bit he brings out the confident show pony in the demure woman.

Warnings: This title contains anal, oral and vaginal sex, blow jobs, whipping and ass reaming, and a lot of girls who enjoy playing at being My Little Pony.

Word Count: 18,000



Tom suppressed his excitement but it was there, shivering just under the surface like the trembling flanks of a thoroughbred horse. This time of adjustment was his favorite aspect of bringing home an unbroken mare. He loved the dismay and automatic rejection in Violet’s face when she beheld her new quarters—a simple, straw-filled stall in the women’s barn. Of course, he’d warned her ahead of time, but hearing and seeing were two different things. His new girls always regarded their stalls with shock at first. The stall was an outward sign of the obedient animal he would soon bring forth in them.

“From here on out you may not speak unless requested. If there is a question you absolutely must ask, paw the ground with your foot for my permission. But don’t speak with the other mares when I’m not in the barn. You are an animal now and must begin acting as such. You can whinny and whimper and even scream on occasion, but there is no need for you to speak.”

Less than human. That was the aspect that sent a stab of arousal straight to his cock every damn time. He couldn’t get enough of the absolute subjugation some women were willing to accept at his hands, their need for domination so great they were willing to become beasts even to the point of giving up their ability to speak. Astonishing and thrilling. He was so hard his cock ached. He’d like to pull it out and have her suck him off right then, but delayed gratification would make the act even sweeter when he finally fed it to her.

“If you understand, stamp your right foot and toss your head.” Do the hokey-pokey and turn yourself about. The command sounded a bit ludicrous, but the importance of her accepting her new speechless state was not silly at all. This was a weighty moment. She was giving up something incredibly precious, the ability to communicate as one human being to another.

It only lasted for a few seconds before Violet obeyed. She pawed at the ground with her sneakered foot and bobbed her head in imitation of a horse. Tom wondered if she even liked horses. He’d never asked her that—not that it mattered.

“There are three others here right now, Cyndi, Sasha and Tiny. I will introduce you to them later. Now I’ll give you some time to acclimate to your new living quarters. Before you go into your stall, you will remove your clothes.” This was another important sign of her new status, the stripping off of human garb.

Tom sat on the chair he kept in the barn for his comfort when he wanted to relax while his ponies performed for him. He crossed his legs and waited.

“Now?” Violet clapped her hand to he mouth, immediately recognizing her mistake. Clearly the question had burst out of her before she’d had time to think. Well, that was part of her training. Her mind must be always concentrated, thinking about every move, sound and gesture before she made it. Perhaps she wasn’t a perfect slave after all. That was all right with him. He’d like to have a few flaws to punish her for.

“Begin,” he ordered, ignoring her mistake.

Violet’s fair complexion was flushed, her cheeks glowing bright red. He could imagine other parts of her body equally blushing when paddled or whipped. A dark-skinned beauty was a marvel to behold in full horse tack, but he truly loved a pale girl like Violet. Every mark he left on her skin would pop against such a white canvas.

Well-trained enough not to rush, Violet slowly, methodically removed one article of clothing after another, starting with her blouse. She focused her eyes on the buttons as her fingers moved down the row.

“Look at me while you strip,” he told her. “I want to see your eyes at all times.”

She would learn this contact was the major line of communication between them—that and his tone of voice. He knew Violet had spent the last couple of years specifically not meeting her master’s eyes so it was difficult for her to lift her gaze and stare into his face. She blinked more rapidly the longer she looked at him while she shed her skirt, her shoes, her socks and lastly her bra and underpants—both a modest white, Tom noted.

At last she stood naked before him, gooseflesh rising on her arms and her nipples beading into little knots as a stray breeze blew over her. She kept her arms down by her sides so he could inspect her from head to toe. Although he’d checked out Violet’s photos and video before purchasing her, he’d not yet seen her living, naked flesh, preferring to save this moment of disrobing as a symbolic inauguration into her new life.

“Chin up,” he ordered as Violet’s face began to dip and her gaze slipped away from his. “Generally, keeping your eyes downcast is appropriate submissive behavior, but right now I want you to learn a different lesson.

“With me you’ll learn to be both less and more than what you were as George’s sub. You will become even more dehumanized than you were as a house slave. A well-trained mare is a creature with no thought beyond responding perfectly to her master’s commands. But you’ll also learn pride in exhibiting your body, to preen and display yourself in provocative poses in front of an audience. No more hiding in a shadowy house and living to please one man, Violet. You are going to become a show pony.”

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