The Love Doctor and the Phantasm by Elliott Mabeuse

  • ISBN: 9781609820008
  • Written by: Elliott Mabeuse


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 In Renaissance Florence, the ripe and lovely Lady Elena Testarosa has been felled by a crude enchantment, compelled to offer her body and soul to the evil Antonio Castigliono as his love slave. Her family has one chance, to hire Griego Robinetti, the mysterious and roguish Love Doctor, to remove the spell. But to do this Robinetti will have to make her his own slave and set free her female Phantasm--the sexual beast that dwells within every woman--taking her to heights of love and depths of depraved debauchery such as no woman has ever known. Told with charm, wit, aching beauty and incandescent passion, The Love Doctor and the Phantasm is a costume drama of love, magic and sex like nothing you've ever read, told by Elliot Mabeuse, Doctor of Erotica.

Warnings: This title contains graphic language, sex and bdsm including bondage and spanking.

Word Count: 30,442



Griego was busy. From the fireplace he took the grate pole--an iron rod about six feet long--and quickly suspended this from the center of the canopy of the bed so that it hung parallel over the tied Elena, yet it could teeter up and down. Then, seizing more rope, he tied one end to the pole, and led the other down and tied it to the two dildos in her ass and her pussy. He kept one hand on the free end of the pole so it didn't move until he was done, then he leaned down to look at Elena, who was by now almost oblivious to everything around her, sweat pouring off her face.

She wasn't oblivious to this, an old trick called the Spanish Donkey. When he pulled down on the end of the rod, the rope pulled up on the dildos and lifted her hips off the bed.

"Oh. My. GOD!"

Milk spurted four inches from her tits. Her hips were a foot off the bed, her legs hung slack, trembling, and the ropes holding her ankles went taut as fiddle strings.

"You're opening!" he yelled excitedly. The letters began to move on her skin, spinning lazily, sliding around as if agitated. "God of Abraham, you're opening!" He shook the rod slightly to vibrate the dildos. "Come out, you whore! You slut! Come on, you gorgeous cock-sucker!"

"No! No! Jesus Christ! Saints in Heaven!"

"Opening more!"

The letters swirled faster, making whirlwind patterns of fire on her skin, the Shin like a three-bladed knife, the Vauv like a drill the Ayin like a twisted man doing a demented dance.

"Griego no! It hurts! You're killing me!"

He dropped the rod. Elena pulled at her bonds like a mad woman and had stretched enough slack to plant her feet on the mattress and pump her hips up at the doubly impaling dildos. She truly did look like a sexual animal, her hair in her face, biting her lips and then licking them, her breasts squirting milk that ran down her throat and stomach, which rolled and heaved with her movements.

But most amazing was that her body was becoming translucent and Griego saw light coming through it. This was the female animal coming out, so sexual, so carnal, that the mere sight of her beauty and desirability tore a raw growl from his throat. She was a glowing sculpture of such perfection that he grabbed his cock and squeezed it to keep himself from ejaculating at the mere sight of her. Elena looked down at herself with wonder. Miracle after miracle. She now glowed like a candle.

He ripped the bonds loose from her feet and hands, straddled her chest, knelt on her gushing tits and looked at her. Elena looked back at him, not believing this was what he wanted. With her body lit up like a torch, did he really want to put his cock in her mouth?

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