Mrs. Desario and the Nanny Whore by Penelope Street

  • ISBN: 9781609822828
  • Written by: Penelope Street


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 When Sandra meets with Margaret DeSario, her terminally ill employer, for her six month performance review, the young nanny hopes for a raise similar to the one she previously received. Margaret does offer Sandra an obscene increase in pay, albeit combined with an obscene increase in her duties; the dying woman expects Sandra to become Mr. DeSario's mistress, with the stipulation that he mustn't know Sandra is being paid.

Sandra is naturally stunned and offended at first, but after her shock subsides, she doesn't need to contemplate the illicit offer long; Mr. DeSario is a pleasant enough man and she needs the money. Thus the two women form an unlikely partnership with Sandra attempting to seduce Margaret's husband, but when their plan works, the nanny learns what a double-edged sword seduction can be.

Warnings: This title contains graphic language related to consensual heterosexual intimacy, in addition to a mild reluctance theme and non-violent illegal activity.

Word Count: 15,700


Claudia R., Manic Readers Reviews

"...[A] fast paced read...Ms. Street really made this book come to life...This book is filled with pages of hot sex and a lot of scheming, the if you want a quick and steamy read."

Seriously Reviewed

"The author really did a good job in showing the motivation and the range of emotions for everyone involved. . . Thank you Ms Street for a story that not only made my computer screen steam but made me stop and think."




I'd imagined seducing Mr. DeSario would be much like eating my Aunt Harriet's pie- I'd smile, and pretend to like it; but teasing him in the theater had left nothing resembling an unpleasant aftertaste in my mouth, or anywhere else. Quite the opposite--I had but to touch myself in pretence of bathing for the thrill of touching him to return.

A pounding on my door snapped me from my reverie.

Gawd! He's really here! I shut the water off and poked my head from behind the curtain. "Just a minute!" Grabbing a towel, I rushed to my dresser. "I'm not decent!"

Mr. DeSario chuckled just loud enough for me to hear. "That much we've learned!"

I glanced down at my hand, poised at the drawer containing my undergarments. You really want him to unveil you like you're in some romantic epic, don't you? That's not what this is about! I wrapped my towel about my body and marched to my door. Throwing it wide, I hid all of me except my face and one shoulder behind it. "I suppose if you don't mind me indecent, do come in."

His eyes roamed what he could see of me before he took the two steps required to enter my suite. I expected he'd continue to the futon, where we'd at least share a bit of small talk first before I seduced him--but I was mistaken. He slammed the door and closed the distance between us. Without a word, he grabbed the sides of my head and forced his mouth to mine. I kissed him back, of course--it was my job, after all.

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