Shorn by Selena Kitt

  • ISBN: 9781609823139
  • Written by: Selena Kitt


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 Sam is the older woman, secretly dating a younger man. But she just can’t help herself. From those big hands on her body to the sexy sheen of his dark, shaved head, Del is simply irresistible. When the younger man suggests a private shaving session, Sam finds herself under his spell once again in this modern, sexy and delightfully reversed Samson and Delilah.

Selena Kitt Single

Short Story—Big Bang!

Warnings: This title contains graphic language and interracial sex.

Word Count: 5,180


Seriously Reviewed, 16/20 SCORE

"oh what a fun little fetish story…It was lots of hot sex and the writing was flawless. I loved the vivid descriptions. With Ms. Kitt I can get into a story and forget I’m reading."



"Are you going to see her tomorrow?" I slanted him the question.

He hesitated, and I wondered if he was going to play dumb. He didn't, but—as usual—he didn't give me a straight answer either. "You have a beautiful cunt, you know that?" His eyes fell to the triangle between my legs.

"Thank you." I smiled, knowing he was trying to distract me, and I let him. I put my feet up on the counter, opening my thighs, giving him a better view. "So, are you going to see her?"

"Samantha." He said my name with a sigh. I didn't reply but just watched him instead.

"I might." He used the razor over the few spots he'd missed. I waited. "Probably." I just gave him more silence as he wiped his face clean with a towel. "Yeah, I guess."

"I figured."

He put some shaving cream on the tip of his finger and touched my nose with it.

I rolled my eyes. "Jerk!" I wiped it off with my hand, dabbing it onto the tuft of my pubic hair with a grin.

His eyes lit up, and he reached over and opened the top drawer under where I was sitting, pulling out a pair of manicure scissors.

"I was kidding!" I grabbed his towel and wiped off the shaving cream.

"I'm not." He snapped the scissors open and closed, his dark eyes flashing, his grin devious.

"I thought you liked it!" I cried. He had often said how much he liked that I was a natural blond, the hair between my legs just a shade darker than the strawberry-blonde hair on my head. Our physical differences, the natural contrast, the strawberry cream and black coffee of our skin together, only served to drive our passion to further heights.

"Mmm, I do." He knelt on the floor so he was eye-level between my legs, leaning in and kissing all around my pubic hair. "But I'd love to lick your pussy when it was shaved."

I touched the curly, wiry mass of hair. I had never trimmed or shaved there. "I wonder what it would feel like…"

"Want to find out?" He showed me the scissors again. Seeing him eyeing my bits with a sharp implement in his hands was quite a shock.

"I don't know." I bit my lip. "Do we have time?"

"Plenty." His lips brushed my thigh as he breathed my scent. The sight of his dark, smooth, newly shaved head between my legs elicited an immediate response, and I felt myself opening to him. "Don't you trust me?"

I sighed. "Should I?"

"Yes." His fingers probed my slit, spreading it open. He kissed my clit, his lips soft against my flesh.

"Okay," I breathed, leaning back against the mirror as his tongue moved through my wetness.

"I want to kiss her goodbye." He eased his way through, making his tongue into a sharp little point to probe inside of me. I moaned when his fingers replaced his tongue, sliding deep into my flesh as his mouth moved over my clit. I was still surprised at how skilled he was at this, how attentive, how eager to please.

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