The Mechanic by Vivian Vincent

  • ISBN: 9781609820695
  • Written by: Vivian Vincent


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 Alexis owns an auto repair shop and Vince is her star mechanic. She’s hopelessly in love with him and finally gets her chance at happiness when Vince breaks up with his long-time girlfriend and stays late for work one evening.

But once Monday morning rolls around, Vince gets a call from his ex and Alexis is suddenly torn between doing the right thing by just letting him go, or letting her heart decide what to do.

Warnings: This title contains graphic language and sex.

Word Count: 8,424


Val, Manic Readers Reviews 5/5 Stars
"The relationship between these two characters left me breathless and wanting more…The Mechanic caught my interest and kept it there. I found myself turning pages faster than I could read…There was a perfect weave of humor and passion throughout the book….The ending couldn’t have been more perfect! I would definitely recommend this book and I feel that I absolutely must read another book written by the very talented writer Ms. Vivian Vincent."


Alexis had always gotten surprise looks from customers when they saw that she was actually the owner of Perry’s Auto Repair. She was never much to conform to what a woman should do—she’d worked on cars practically her whole life and it was a dream of hers to eventually end up owning her own repair shop. Her dad started teaching her about cars when she was ten and she loved it so much, she even helped her brothers whenever their cars broke down.

She took shop in high school and went on to get a job at the local car dealership, getting in the required two years of schooling in order to maintain the job. After her parents died, she’d moved from Chicago to Detroit. She had some friends who lived near Detroit, and they let her stay until she got on her feet. Once the settlement of her parents’ estate was final, she took her share of her inheritance and opened her own repair shop at the age of thirty-five, fulfilling the dream she’d had since high school. Earning trust and loyalty from her customers, her business thrived within just a few months, requiring her to hire a couple more mechanics to help ease the workload.

Her best mechanic, Vince, had literally stumbled into her place. He was walking past her shop one day on a cold, snowy morning, slipped on a patch of ice right into her arms as she was coming out to sprinkle rock salt on the sidewalk, almost knocking her down to the cement. He saw the help wanted sign in the window, discovering his destination. When Vince found out she was the owner, he apologized profusely, hoping it wouldn’t ruin his chances of finally landing a job after months of searching. It didn’t of course--she hired him practically on the spot, instantly smitten.

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