Encounters: Cat Women by D.B. Story

  • ISBN: 9781609821432
  • Written by: D.B. Story


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 In a world transformed by the appearance of Critters-the anthropomorphic amalgam of our creatures and ourselves-much has changed, yet much will remain the same. When they say that you don’t adopt a cat, the cat adopts you, they were never so right as in my case-times three! And it all started with the simple question, “You do like cats, don’t you?”

Warnings: This title contains graphic language and anthropomorphic sex.

Word Count: 17,317



Then bedtime arrived. And it turned into a scene right out of my favorite Robert A. Heinlein novel.

As I came out of the bathroom I saw, still in their skimpy swimsuits standing in a row next to my “too-small” queen-sized bed, Tia, Simone, and Tyssa.

“What’s this?” I demanded, my mind being slow to accept the obvious.

“Choose,” Simone said softly.

“Yes,” Tyssa added enthusiastically. “Which of us gets you the first night?”

“You didn’t expect all of us crowd into that other bed while you sleep here alone I hope,” Tia said quietly.

When I hesitated due to my Human mores suddenly paralyzing me Tia understood.

“We’re legal,” she informed me.

“She isn’t quite yet,” Simone said in obvious reference to Tyssa, who was doing her best to look as grownup as the other Cats. “Not unless you’re going by Cat years.”

Tyssa spat at her older sister, but a glare from her mother kept it to that.

Well Heinlein’s hero blew it badly the first time around and had to ride away at hard gallop in the dead of night to save his skin until a polite lie could be fashioned to straighten everything out. I’ve learned from his mistake and once vowed never to be that foolish myself should I ever find myself in his circumstances. Now was my chance.

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