Frontier Brothers by Kenn Dahll

  • ISBN: 9781609824327
  • Written by: Kenn Dahll


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Sexual scandals, depraved exploitation and romance intertwine in this series of four tales featuring the Frontier Brothers Aaron, Zeke, Jonas, and Jason.

Aaron’s transgressions with an Indian brave, as depicted in Soaring with a Hawk, are discovered by Jonas who attempts to extort money from his eldest sibling in exchange for his silence. Aaron and Soaring Hawk turn the tables on Jonas and escape westward.

Dirk, a classmate of Zeke’s with a crush on Aaron is devastated by Aaron’s disappearance. Dirk is thrilled when Zeke acknowledges his existence and the two become friends. Zeke unloads his desperation upon losing his fiancée because of the scandal surrounding Aaron’s indiscretion. Dirk willingly lends his should for Zeke to cry on, until an untimely sexual response in the form of a hard cock pressing into Zeke’s side elicits Zeke’s rejection. In Missing Aaron Jonas shrewdly uses Dirk’s despondency and remorse to achieve sexual domination over the naïve youth. The conflicted and confused motives of the three young pioneers result in Zeke’s abrupt departure for California, leaving Dirk once again feeling forsaken; and under the sway of the malevolent Jonas.

Paradoxically Jonas’ manipulations cause him and Dirk to be exposed as Sodomites and together they flee westward. Dirk abandons the stagecoach and Jonas; then travels into San Francisco alone and on foot with a mission: Seeking Zeke. He enjoys several sexual escapades. One evening, following up on a lead as to Zeke’s whereabouts, Dirk is manhandled by a group of rail workers and about to be assaulted. He is miraculously rescued.

Meanwhile the youngest of the Frontier Brothers, Jason, fights and survives the War Between the States. Returning home he discovers the farm is in ruins and he decides that Starting Over is his best course of action so he leaves to join Zeke in California. What he doesn’t know is that Zeke and Dirk are lovers and man-to-man sex runs rampant on the winery which they own. Jonas had experienced intimacy with other soldiers during the war so he is not repulsed but enthralled by the opportunities presented by the handsome Mexican farm hands and other staff.

The arrival of a mysterious Hispanic going by the single appellation “Carlos” presents Jason with a dilemma. Is he falling out of lust and into love? The establishment of “Los Quartos Amigos” as a wine label marks a true new start for the two remaining brothers and their lovers.

Warnings: This title contains explicit m/m sex, anal sex, bondage and violence.

Word Count: 37,778




Sheila, Two Lips Reviews, 4/5 Kisses!

"I liked Frontier Brothers. Using a short story format and putting all the stories together in one book works well because I wasn’t left hanging waiting for the sequel... Mr. Dahll captured my attention in this book... I will read Mr. Dahll's work again in the future."


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