Seeking Zeke by Kenn Dahll

  • ISBN: 9781609823726
  • Written by: Kenn Dahll


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 Emotional manipulation, sexual exploitation, and attempted assault are Dirk’s lot as he travels to California Seeking Zeke, the sequel to Soaring with a Hawk and Missing Aaron.

Dirk abandons his pioneer family’s farm after a scandal involving sex with his class mate Jonas who used Dirk’s adolescent attraction to Zeke to blackmail the young blond farmer into providing sexual favors.

Once in San Francisco and finally free of Jonas’ malevolent influence, Dirk learns about love and betrayal from Pete. Realizing that sex didn’t necessarily entail love, Dirk has satisfying interludes with Red and Ling before encountering a gang of drunken rowdies looking for sex–willing or not.

Warnings: This title contains graphic language, m/m sex.

Word Count: 9,926




Although the day was warm, around midnight it stared to rain and the room turned chilly. Half asleep I wiggled backwards until my rump was against Pete’s furry cheeks. He moaned softy and pushed back gently before turning over and placing his arm over my body. His warm groin pressed against my butt. Fully awake I snuggled more firmly into the curve of his torso. Another moan, a little louder than the first, emerged from his massive chest, vibrating along my spine. His arm pulled me even tighter into his warmth. His breath on the nape of my neck produced goose bumps on my skin which Pete mistook for chills. He rubbed his hand over my arm and shoulder to warm me up.

“Ooh!” I cooed. “That feels good.” I felt the hardness developing as his dick lengthened between my ass cheeks. Then I felt his palm brush across my nipples as it slipped over my chest. “Ah!” I sighed and I squeezed my buttocks around a very rigid shaft.

Pete let his hand drift lower, past my belly button until the palm wrapped around my erect dick. “Are you sure you want to do this. You don’t have to. We can simply cuddle together to stay warm.” I turned my head as far as I could, reluctantly allowing his cock to slip from between my buttocks, and kissed his partly open mouth.

“I want to.” I mumbled before I probed between the soft lips with my tongue. He responded with his tongue. We rolled around on the bed oblivious to the chill, with our lips firmly pressed together and our tongues alternately exploring our oral cavities. Two hard cocks drooled copious amounts of slippery liquid minimizing the friction as they battled each other. I audaciously set off the next stage when I forced Pete onto his back then broke our lips apart. I kissed the small depression in his neck under the chin then licked my way to his left nipple. After sucking and chewing on the hard nub, accompanied by loud moans signaling his enjoyment of the activity, I moved to his other tit and delivered the same pleasures to it. Sated with the nipple action, I chewed my way down the trail of hair to his navel, which I thoroughly cleaned out with my tongue.

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