Pretty In Pink by Sommer Marsden

  • ISBN: 9781609824174
  • Written by: Sommer Marsden


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 Kimber Daniels knows what they say about assuming and how a person should never do it. But she can't help but assume her new neighbor Charlie Brewster is gay. What with is matching curtains, brand new filigree bird bath and that pink flamingo on his front lawn dressed in its cute little holiday Santa outfit. It's wrong to assume, but she does anyway, especially when he answers the door in a bright pink tulip covered robe.

It seems only logical that Charlie's a safe guy to be around when all other men are on her naughty list. While her best friend Sarah is trying to convince Kimber to make the moves on Charlie because he's a good guy, Kimber's trying to convince Sarah that Charlie is totally off limits and is simply the kind of man that sugar plum dreams are made of.

Christmas has never been so confusing.

Warnings: This title contains explicit language and sex.

Word Count: 25,906



Bobby D. Whitney, BookWenches

"a light and humorous holiday-themed novella that gives a new definition to the phrase `love thy neighbor’... sexy and filled with good-natured humor…filled with Christmas cheer…"

 Seriously Reviewed, 17/20 SCORE

"As a lover of Ms Marsden’s work, I have to say that this one was just as good as I figured it would be. Cute, laugh-out-loud funny and totally hot. Sommer never fails to write a story that pulls me in and rocks my world. Pretty in Pink is another great read in what I hope will be a LOOOONG line from one of my favorite authors. Filled with great characters, funny situations, a great misunderstanding that begins with an assumption...Smokin’ hot!!"

Vicky, Sizzling Hot Books, 4/5 HEARTS

"[A] cute but spicy novella ...This one starts out innocent enough, moves along nicely, then has this great, very hot scene that goes beyond all expectations!... I would recommend Pretty in Pink  for any romantic, and this one leaves you with a smile!"



The groan and squeal happened again and this time they both jumped, clutching at each other and doing an odd mix of screaming and laughing. “Call John! Call John!” Sarah–the ‘brave one’–yelled.

John was the last ex. John was the one who’d sat and told Kimber over and over that she wasn’t smart enough, savvy enough, quick enough to start her own business. Especially not with a woman who always acted as if it were party time. John had not been Sarah’s biggest fan, but Kimber had kept that from her friend. No reason to hurt Sarah’s feelings over a guy who clearly wasn’t worth muddying up her mental space. Before John had been Dan who’d told her that she had child bearing hips and of course if they ever got married she’d understand that he carry on the tradition of the men in his family of keeping a mistress. Before him had been Guy the drug dealer and before him Michael who was still technically married and had

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