Erotic Brits by Jacqueline Applebee

  • ISBN: 9781609822545
  • Written by: Jacqueline Applebee


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 Join a tour around the United Kingdom with Erotic Brits. In these eighteen tales, you will see a Britain you probably didn't know existed. There are no tea and crumpets on the lawn, no genteel romances or period pieces. Instead you can enjoy a scorching-hot rendezvous on an Irish ferry, where a woman happily submits to three men, letting each of them use her for their pleasure. In St. Albans, a choirmaster orchestrates a three-way in a cathedral, whilst disciplining his wayward chorister. They all know the drill-misbehave, and receive some very personal correction. However a sexy visitor who inadvertently breaks the rules doesn't know that correction means taking one man from the front and one from the rear.

Great Britain is a country full of history and tradition, steeped in ancient myths and legends. Your very special tour includes Pagan sexual rites held at Stonehenge, tales of vampires who feed on the inhabitants of Manchester, and a room full of ghostly men and women in a secret room in London, who take part in wild orgies that never end. These Brits are always looking for fresh meat. They won't turn down blood either.

If you ever thought the United Kingdom was a nation of stiff upper lips, then prepare to learn what really gets hard in the U.K. This unique collection celebrates all the naughty exploits that take place up and down the county, including women who love to have kinky fun in a queer London pub, and a threesome who enjoy outdoor sex at historic Edinburgh Castle. The locations don't only provide a backdrop to the lusty scenes-they become an integral part of every sizzling story. This tour is not in the guidebooks, but you can take it right now!

Warnings: This title contains f/f and m/m sex, multiple partners, menage, bisexuality, transgender themes, BDSM, and anal sex.

Word Count: 39,785



Carole, Rainbow Reviews

" [The stories] are all quirky and sexy. It's like a can of mixed nuts--you reach in and get something different every time."

 Emily, Three Dollar Bill Reviews

"Anything you can think of you’ll find in this anthology. These stories are all about pleasure and fun, giving and receiving, and no one is left wanting. Overall this is a good selection of stories that explore different sexualities in a variety of erotic situations. Any reader will be able to find stories to enjoy in this wide array of offerings."

Lisabet Serai, ERWA Smutter's Lounge

"[Jacqueline Applebee’s] stories are not like anyone else's… They're lusty and haunting, slippery not only in the physical sense but also in their portrayals of place, gender and even reality… I loved this collection."


The choirmaster yanked my coat open with a sharp movement. I felt incredibly exposed; I could feel my nipples start to harden in the cold air. His eyes seemed drawn to my breasts, because the next moment, he put his baton down, and then pulled up my thin T-shirt, rolling it up to my armpits. He pushed my bra up next, leaving my breasts exposed to him.

"Slutty," he growled. The single word made my knees weak.

When the choirmaster picked up his baton once more, I instinctively took a step back, but Allan held me by my hips trapping me. Edward swept a long graceful hand around my waist moving closer. He used the tip of the stick to circle my nipples, drawing swirls around my puckered flesh until I groaned.

"I don't need to hear your voice," he said with a note of arrogance. He bent and sucked on my breasts, squeezing with his lips, biting down with hunger. And all the time, he held me in a solid grip. I could feel myself flooding as he sucked me hard. He pulled away abruptly, though his eyes still moved over my body.

The choirmaster quickly span me around. I braced my hands on Allan's chest as I felt my coat being swept to the side. He pushed my skirt up, gasping when he no doubt saw my ripped stockings and my soaked knickers. He pulled my underwear down until it fell around my ankles. The smell of sex surrounded us. I looked up into Allan's eyes, but he just cranked his smile even wider.

"I don't want to hear a squeak out of either of you," Edward commanded, and then he struck me with something long and thin—it must have been his baton, it was the only thing it could have been, though I couldn't see. I could only feel a line of heat across my bottom, followed by a stinging sensation that bit into my flesh. He hit me again, harder than before. I felt tears prickle my eyes, my clit grew solid, and I knew that I was going to come. He stroked bitterly cold hands over my ass after three more whacks.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" Allan whispered in my ear as I gripped his uniform. Edward continued to beat me; my skin grew burning-hot as I was punished.

"I think you're ready now."

I held my breath. The sound of liquid squirting from a bottle made my eyes widen. I felt a cool sticky substance against my ass next. My mind could not quite believe that he was going to do this.

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