Cruise Ship Trick-ery by Kenn Dahll

  • ISBN: 9781609826444
  • Written by: Kenn Dahll


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Sun, sea, and sex are what James, a wealthy gay man fond of seducing straight young men, expects from the cruise ship adventure; what he finds are sun, sea, sex, extortion, and surprisingly love.

Warnings: This title contains explicit M/M sex and sex under threat of blackmail.
Word Count: 8444




The afternoon turns to dusk as Linc and I finish the food and all thee bottles of wine.  I made sure he drank the larger portion of each varietal so he is mellow, yet with the inability of youth to sit still he walks over to the large viewing window overlooking the Concourse.

“They look like ants scurrying around down there.”  I join him at the glass and put my arm around his shoulder.

“I see what you mean.  I never thought of it that way.  Look,” I pointed at the clothing store at the far end of the mall, “that’s where I almost knocked you onto your behind.”

“You mean flat on your ass,” he quips with an alcohol induced giggle.  “There’s Chip and Dale.”  He points to two young men in earnest conversation outside the pizza parlor.  “That’s not really their names.  We call them that because they’re always together.”

“Oh?”  I inquire, my eyebrows arched.

“I know what you’re thinking.  They must be gay.  All of their friends have come to the same conclusion.”

“Is that a problem?”

“No, not really.”  He turns to face me somehow keeping my arm on his shoulder.  “In fact I’m a little curious about the whole sexual orientation thing.  I think you can help me.”

“Me?  How?”

He pushes my back against the window and brings his face close to mine.  “How’s this for starters?”  Linc places his lips on my mouth and presses his body firmly against mine.  In response I wrap my arms around him and clutch him tightly as our kiss becomes more passionate.

I’m not sure who’s seducing who as the youth unbuttons my shirt and spreads it open so he can access my sensitive nipples.  He sucks on one while tweaking the other with his right hand before switching off; nibbling on the one he was pinching and tweaking the wet one....  The kid must have learned this technique from a girlfriend.  Few males his age know this much about nipple play.  Then I feel his left hand on my belt.  He unbuckles it, unfastens the catch on my waistband, lowers my zipper, and allows my linen pants to fall to my ankles.  This dude is hot to trot!  I need to catch up.

With a gentle push I move us away from the window and onto a settee where I can disentangle my feet from my pants and remove my loafers.  As I do so, the horny twenty year old removes his shirt and Bermuda shorts–Do people still call them that?–he kicks off his sandals.  Me in my white cotton briefs and he in his plaid boxers we sit on the sofa and resume our exploration of each other’s mouth using our tongues as probes.  Our hands freely roam over bare chests, mine hairy and his smooth, as well as shoulders and backs until his hands end up groping the bulge in my crotch.

“You’re hard,” he states the obvious.  “Do I turn you on?”

“Fuck yes!  Pardon my French.” 

“That’s funny dude,” Linc tells me as he devolves into a fit of giggles.  His straight black hair tosses from side to side as he convulses with laughter.  I take advantage of his distraction to investigate the contents of his boxers.  I wiggle a couple of fingers through the fly and cop a feel of his steely shaft.  It appears a little thinner than mine but longer, also uncut as I am.

“Pull it out and suck it, please.”  Linc stops laughing and leans back on the furniture arm.  “I’m really horny.  The bitches on the ship either don’t put out or they’re too old and possessive–cougars you know.”

I lower his underwear, exposing a perfect dick and pair of balls.  I expect a thatch of straight black hair and am surprised to see he shaves his pubic region.  I thought only twink porn stars did that, not straight or questioning young men.  The lack of hair makes his genitals more prominent and I can’t resist licking up and down the slender length and taking his balls into my mouth.

“Fuck, James nobody’s ever sucked my balls into their mouth.  My last girlfriend wouldn’t do anything oral on my cock let alone lick my balls.  Yet the cunt expected me to eat out her pussy.  You could be habit forming; I’m really fond of this action.  Can I do you?”

In reply I sit back on the other sofa arm and spread my legs.  “Go for it!”

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