Losing It!: Tales of First Times by Savannah Reardon

  • ISBN: 9781609826451
  • Written by: Savannah Reardon


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First times do not always have to be bad experiences. This collection of six tales shows that despite age or circumstance, Losing It! can be mind-blowing...and in a good way! In Melissa's First, Melissa and her boyfriend join together for a sensual night to put an end to Melissa's virginity. In Marilee's Firsts, Marilee is a shy young woman who goes looking on the internet for a way to end her innocence. What she finds in Glenn is an experienced man whose out to not only help Marilee discover the pleasures of the body, but he also finds a way to change her self-image by giving her a boost of much needed confidence. These two stories plus four more celebrate the joys of discovering that Losing It! can be fun, pleasurable, and downright hot!

Warnings: This title contains graphic language and sex.

Word Count: 10,753



After they finished the meal, Max took Melanie’s hand and ushered her into the bedroom. More candles awaited them, casting soft shadows on the walls. Red petals covered the bed and quiet jazz music filled the room. Putting his arms around her waist, Max pulled Melanie to him and began to dance.

They moved slowly around the room, lost in each other as Melanie let her head rest on his shoulder. She felt safe and warm in his embrace, and her heart skipped a beat as she thought of what was to come. Max’s lips grazed across her neck, and a shiver of anticipation raced down her spine. She lifted her head and their lips met, his tongue flicking across her bottom lip before darting between them.

She gasped into his mouth as his hand closed over her breast, squeezing it gently. His thumb circled over her nipple, causing it to harden beneath the slick material of her dress, and she felt a delicious tingle in her pussy. Placing his hands on her shoulders, Max pushed the thin straps of her dress down until it fell to the floor in a whisper of silk. Melanie stood in nothing but her heels and a skimpy pair of black lace panties.

Her nipples jutted out from her pert breasts, each one hard and rosy from arousal. Max’s fingers closed over one and pinched, and Melanie arched into his touch as hot pleasure rolled through her. She reached for him, her body on fire as his fingers squeezed and tugged on her nipples. She fumbled with the buttons on his shirt until she managed to undo them all and she shoved the material apart, tugging it off him. Her fingers splayed on his chest as she reveled in the warmth of his skin against her own. They traveled lightly down, skipping over his flat stomach as she moved to his pants.

As Max’s mouth covered the soft skin at the crook of her neck and began to suckle, Melanie unfastened his pants and let them fall the floor, helping him kick them off and taking his shoes with them. His hand cupped her breast, gently stroking the swell of flesh as he kissed over her collarbone. Nudging her backwards, they climbed onto the bed, and he laid her on her back as he hovered over her. He drew his lips over her skin, trailing over her shoulder and down the valley of her breasts before kissing over the curve of them and flicking his tongue over her nipple.

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