Fetish Me by Savannah Reardon

  • ISBN: 9781609826574
  • Written by: Savannah Reardon


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Sometimes, traditional sex just doesn't do it. Like things a bit more on the kinky side? Do you get turned on by a body part that isn't generally considered "sexy"? Fetish Me contains five saucy vignettes for those with unique tastes. In A Nurse a Day, one lucky patient gets some extra care by one very special nurse. In Hubby's Underwear, a young woman gets aroused by prancing around the house in nothing but undies...her husband's undies, that is. In Feed Me, a woman who recently gave birth discovers there are exciting ways to relieve the pressure of her milk filled breasts. In I Love Feet, a woman knows just what playing footsies under the table will do to her man. In Breastmilk for Lunch, a boss helps out his secretary when her engorged breasts threaten to leak during the work day. So whether you like milk for lunch or feet really get your motor revving, Fetish Me is guaranteed to turn you on.

Warnings: This title contains graphic language and sex.

Word Count: 6,387




I love to walk around the house in nothing but a pair of his underwear. Being so exposed while the softness of his briefs rubs against my puffy lips sends deliciously naughty thoughts through my head. I’ve often fantasized about hubby coming home from work and catching me cavorting about the house in just my underwear. He will scold me for acting so wantonly.

Of course, his eyes will have that wicked gleam I know so well. See, I’m not the only one that loves me in his underwear. It turns him on too knowing that my pussy has been leaking its fragrant juices on his briefs. After scolding me, he’ll say I need to be punished for being such a naughty girl.

He’ll bend me over the back of the couch and pull the underwear down, exposing my round ass. I will squeal in delight as his hand makes contact with my cheeks. The echo of the slaps against the creamy white globes of my ass sounds in the room, but it doesn’t hurt… that much. It’s all playful, and it gets us both aroused beyond belief.

I’ll hear the zipper of his pants and then moan as I feel the velvet tip of his cock nudging between the outer lips of my pussy. He’ll push inside me and fuck me like the slut I am… and oh god, it’ll feel so good. There’s just something about the thought of fucking like animals in heat in the middle of the living room in the bright shining light of day that is wonderfully wicked and erotic.

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