Naughtical Buoys by Kenn Dahll

  • ISBN: 9781609827212
  • Written by: Kenn Dahll


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Manipulative, sadistic, controlling, and filthy rich Parker is bored and decides owning a yacht will alleviate the ennui; it does until the relentlessly tedious routine between ports brings his worst nature to the forefront.  When a suspicious fire destroys the yacht and places the entire gay crew in jeopardy of incarceration in a rabidly homophobic country, Parker is under the control of an equally sadistic local detective who becomes the key to Parker’s awakening about life and love.


WARNINGS:  This story contains graphic language, m/m sex, BDSM, and non-consensual sex.


WORD COUNT: 40,700


Sami’s bare caramel-colored bubble butt offers a sharp contrast to the bright white of the apron protecting his abdomen and private parts from grease splattering on the stove as my Thai houseboy−a souvenir of a trip to Bangkok−prepares brunch.  The image gives my deflated morning wood a new perspective on life; tempting buttocks needing attention and I have the equipment to provide it.  I sneak up behind the industrious young man and wrap my arms around his slender body.  Grinding my naked crotch in the small of his back causes my long, thick, uncut cock with an unusually long glans–my ‘guided missile’−to engorge.  Hands roam over his sleek twenty-something year old torso tweaking his perky nipples and groping his goodies beneath the front of the apron, as I nibble his right ear lobe.  Sami tries to wiggle away but I refuse to release him and cup his balls in a firm vise-like grip while biting the lobe.

“Ooh!”  Sami moans and lets his body fall against mine, his shaft hardening against my wrist.  I pick him up and carry him to the table, where I plunk his bare bottom on the cool surface before ripping off the starched linen apron.  Ignoring the fully erect Asian cock I nip at his tits then lick my way down his ripped abdomen until my chin encounters a hard flesh pole and can descend no lower.  With the firmness in my hand I slurp over the partially exposed glans, the raspiness of my tongue sending miniscule electric shocks directly to the houseboy’s brain.  “Ooohh!”  He moans again as I prod beneath his foreskin with my tongue and fondle his nut sack in my palm. 

“Yessss!”  Sami hisses when I allow a finger to drop from his scrotum and tickle his anal pucker.  “Damn that feels good!  Fuck my ass, please.”  With an invitation in hand so to speak, I flip the thin Thai youth around and bend him over the flat surface.  Teasingly I rub the head of my now erect cock over his butt hole’s entry.  “Fuck me, Parker!  Please!”  Sami begs and soon the table wobbles as I vigorously thrust my tool into his tight ass. 

Sweat drips from my brow onto the Thai man’s bony back as I pummel the deliciously snug orifice, drilling in as deeply and fast as possible then pulling out all but the missile-shaped tip of my thick nine rigid inches before repeating the assault over and over again until my breathing becomes irregular and I erupt into the condom I had somehow managed to put on before my anal onslaught.

I gently pick him up again and carry him into my bedroom where I smugly take note of the stickiness coating his deflated shaft before we shower together.  Afterward, as he dries my back, Sami leans forward and kisses me on the cheek.  “That was fun.  I enjoy sex with you and wanted to let you know.”  I briefly hug him and then gently push him away–I dislike showing tenderness toward a sex partner. .



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