Robbie's Rocket by Kenn Dahll

  • ISBN: 9781609827328
  • Written by: Kenn Dahll


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Robbie’s high school science fair project−a homemade rocket−blasts off, igniting a volatile relationship for Robbie and his best friend Kevin.  Revenge, rejection, and rebellion vie with each other in the erotic gumbo that becomes the life experiences of the two young men.  Mix in porn and prostitution and the complex relationship becomes even more convoluted.  In that toxic brew sexual attraction and moral aversion wrestle with each other in Kevin’s mind.  Read Robbie’sRocketand learn if love or revulsion emerges victorious.


WARNINGS: This story contains graphic language, m/m sex, and references to pornography and prostitution.


WORD COUNT: 10,275

Firebolt 4




“Take my fucking dick,” Robbie ordered, grabbing a fistful of curly brown hair and pulling the young costar’s face closer before shoving nine hard inches into the twink’s mouth.  “Yeah!  Take it all.”  Robbie held his scene partner down, forcing more and more of his rigid shaft into the accommodating actor’s throat.  “Suck it Kev!  Suck it all!”

“What the fuck?”  Kevin blurted out at the computer screen then picked up the case the DVD came in.  “Fucking whore!  He made the other actor’s name Kevin.”  He glanced at the screen in time to watch Robbie spray Kev’s face with a load of cum then thrust his still sputtering shaft back into the costar’s mouth.  Robbie’s body spasmed as his ejaculation continued.  Soon creamy white juices oozed around the rigid tool buried in Kev’s gullet.

The scene continued with Robbie flipping the youth onto his back.  With his right hand he frigged Kev’s dick while the fingers of his left hand stretched the prone teen’s sphincter.  “Fuck yes!  Get my hole ready for your massive missile.”  The film Kevin cried out as his shaft erupted with a fountain of youthful jizm.

The flesh and blood Kevin was uncomfortable; his jeans constricted the engorgement of his excited dick.  Absentmindedly, eyes glued to the screen, he removed his jeans and briefs, providing his shaft with adequate space to expand.  The actors cuddled and kissed for a couple of minutes−“probably for a bathroom break and time to regain their ability to get hard”−before Robbie grabbed Kev’s head again and forced it over a half hard shaft.

“Suck it again.  Get it hard so I can fuck your tight hole.”  In no time Kev succeeded in resurrecting Robbie’s tool.  After generously lubing the rock-hard nine inches encased in a condom, Kev moaned as he stroked his own precum-slickened shaft.

“Fuck me Robbie!”  Both Kevin’s cried out simultaneously.  Kevin’s eyes widened as Robbie raised Kev’s legs up and over his head, exposing the pink pucker to the afternoon sun and Robbie’s ready rocket.

“Fuck!  I didn’t bring a dildo,” Kevin muttered as he watched Robbie’s shaft sink into Kev’s rectum until balls were slapping on butt cheeks.  In desperation Kevin rammed three fingers up his hole, sawing them in and out in syncopation with Robbie’s on-screen thrusts. 

“Fuck me Robbie!  Give it to me harder!  Faster!  Fuck!  Fuck!”  Kevin wasn’t sure if he or Kev was begging for Robbie’s cock.  He knew he wanted it−bad!  Not having come already, Kevin was unable to hold out as long as the pair in the video and coated his abdomen with creamy syrup while Robbie was still propelling his shaft in and out of Kev’s hole.  Kevin pulled his fingers from his ass, fell on the hotel bed and languorously continued to stroke his stubbornly rigid dick.

“Ungh!  Tight hole!  Fuck!”  Robbie’s verbalizations increased as the ferocity of his fucking increased.  Kevin, face flushed and strained moans escaping his clenched jaws, stroked his pole faster to keep up with Robbie. 

“I’m blowing!”  Kev shouted as round after round of teen cum exploded from his cock for a second time.

“Fucking hot!”  Kevin and Robbie chorused as Robbie pulled his shaft from Kev’s hole, ripped off the condom and added his jizm to the puddle on his fellow actor’s abdomen.  Kevin blasted with Robbie.  Imagining his own juices to be his friend’s, he licked his sticky fingers clean.  The scene ended with the actors tangled in another embrace, Kevin panting on the bed, all three young men thoroughly sated.  

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