Juicy Fruit by Kenn Dahll

  • ISBN: 9781609827762
  • Written by: Kenn Dahll

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Kenn Dahll returns to his roots−unabashedly gritty gay sex−in this story about Devon, a boogie board carrying, attractive young man exactly Tyler’s style with a lengthy, fat, uncut dick juicy with precum when aroused.  Romance, revenge, and revelations−none of these can be found in “Juicy Fruit”, perhaps a touch of self-realization, but certainly not a major epiphany in this story of lust, depravity, and discipline.

Devon may be straight; however, he enjoys Tyler’s talented mouth.  He doesn’t object to the elastic cockring, especially when told he could keep it and us it with his girlfriend.  The sex becomes more and more clearly gay as various sex toys are deployed to enhance Devon’s pleasure.  A climactic orgasm is denied the beach bum until Tyler, after hinting that Devon’s ass might be ravished, springs a final surprise.

Devon is a bit more ‘bi’ when he returns to the beach.


WARNINGS: This story contains graphic language, m/m sex, sex toys, and BDSM. 




“Whatever,” Devon said and pulled his tee shirt off and unfastened the waistband of his shorts so they fell down his legs–no underwear so his cock and balls were hanging out from an untidy patch of brown pubic hair.  Then he stepped out of his shorts and flip-flops.  He had a very compact body at five feet ten inches and one hundred and forty pounds.  One nipple had a ring and his navel was pierced.  I could see an abstract red and black design tattooed on his left breast that went up and over his shoulder spreading out on his upper back in three sinuous, interwoven ribbons of red and black.  The full design on the back was visible when I made a hand gesture for him to turn around.  From that angle I could also see two high and round ass globes.  He turned back around and I reached out to cradle his heavy balls in my left hand while my right tugged his tit ring.

His cock jerked and started to fill out as I fondled his balls.  It grew even more when I played with the nipple ring.  I got on the floor at his feet and licked his expanding dick.  Before the foreskin was stretched too tightly, I probed under it with my tongue digging out tasty morsels of teenage cock cheese.  Except for putting his hand on my shoulder for balance, Devon did and said nothing as his cock became fully erect.  When he reached that point he ordered me to “Suck it.  I’m ready.”  He had his eyes squeezed shut, probably holding an image of his girlfriend behind the lids.

Before I went down on him, I got an elastic cock ring from a box handily placed under the bed.  I held the ring open and placed it over his cock bringing it down to the base as my mouth descended down his shaft.  At the base, I closed my lips on his dick and, at the same time, pulled the ring over his balls and released it.  He felt the sudden pressure on his cock and opened his eyes.  “A cock ring to keep you super hard and make it last longer.  It doesn’t hurt and you can keep it to use with your girlfriend.”

“Neat,” Devon said when he saw it was just an elastic ring.  “Now suck me off.”  I went down on the twink’s hard pole, getting him close to shooting then stopped, squeezed his balls and brought him back from the brink.

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