Pretending to Sleep by Saffron Sands

  • Written by: Saffron Sands


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What do you do when you want to have sex with your brother’s best friend?
In this Quick and Dirty erotic short, Vikki shows a bit of flesh as she pretends to be asleep to lure Roger in.
How far will Roger take it as he uses her slumbering body for his pleasure?

This short story includes sleep sex, fingering, oral sex and rough sex. At approximately 3,310 words, this erotic tale is intended for adults 18 years and older.



It was pretty late when I awoke to the sound of my brother Tim and his buddy Roger entering the house.

I pulled the thin blanket from the back of the sofa over my head to block the flicker of the television and hoped that the guys would just go straight to Tim’s room, but they didn’t.

I was irritated as they rummaged noisily in the kitchen for food then entered the living room crunching on chips.

 “Sis, are you awake?”

A grin spread over my face. I decided to fake sleeping and listen in on a guy’s night. “Mmm.” I moaned sleepily and pulled the blanket tighter moving into a fetal position.

“I don’t think she will mind if we watch something.” Tim whispered.

“Cool.” I heard Roger say.

Then I heard the moaning on the television. The guys had obviously found another late night soft porn flick.

“I hate these fucking shows.” I heard Tim say “They show plenty of naked chicks but when it comes time to the fucking, they edit the shit out of it.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean.” Roger whispered back. “But that redhead has a nice rack.”

“I’ll give you that.” Tim replied.

After that it was a lot of crunching of chips, mumbling voices, and whispers that I couldn’t really make out. Then the damn sex sounds from the television got louder and made me all hot and bothered again.

I closed my eyes and pictured Roger bending me over, pounding me from behind. I shuddered as I realized what I had been thinking.

“Damn, girl.” I thought to myself but it really wasn’t just the movie that was doing it. I had always thought Roger was cute. I only stayed away from him because he was my brother’s friend.

I figured I would try to go back to sleep when I heard Tim “That’s it dude. I gotta crash.” I could hear him moving around.

“I think I am gonna watch a little more TV if that’s all right.” Roger whispered.

“No problem. Help yourself to the kitchen. Mom and Dad aren’t here so the only one you gotta worry about waking is Sleeping Beauty over there.” I heard him chuckle then rustling sound of him getting up and the floor creaking as he walked across the room. “Night.”

“Good night.” I heard Roger say back.

I listened intently as Tim went down the hall.  I heard his door shut and my tummy fluttered at being alone with Roger.

The moaning couple on television were back at it. Their sounds encouraging dirty thoughts of Roger in my mind. My head was still covered by the blanket so I wasn’t sure where Roger was. I wondered if he could see me.

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