As He Watches (A First Time Cuckold Experience) by Saffron Sands

  • ISBN: FRBDNF000038
  • Written by: Saffron Sands


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Wendy is sick and tired of her husband pressuring her into allowing him to watch her with another man. But as he wears her down, she has to admit, the idea makes her hot.

Follow Wendy and Seth as they realize their cuckold fantasy while you ponder the question…Would you have sex with another man for your husband?

This erotic short story is approximately 6,955 words long and is intended for adult readers only.



Seth wouldn’t stop taunting me while I tried to watch a movie.

“Would you fuck him?” he asked as the lead character swept a beautiful brunette off her feet.

“Who wouldn’t?” I hoped he would shut up if I just played along for a moment.

Seth chuckled “Who else would you fuck?”

I glanced over and noticed the bulge in his pants.

Seth turned off the television “I know there has to be someone you fantasize about having sex with.” He moved in close and swept the hair from my neck planting a soft kiss on my collarbone. I shuddered and closed my eyes as he planted another kiss just below my ear.

“What about the mailman? Is he someone you would find attractive?”

I pulled from Seth’s grip “We talked about this, Seth. I’m not comfortable with the idea of getting banged by some stranger while you watch.”

“What if it isn’t a stranger?” He pulled me back in his arms, his lips covering mine, his tongue darting in my mouth and sweeping over my tongue.

I kissed him back, the taste of him turning me on.

Seth seemed to be obsessed with me fucking another man, saying it was a fantasy he had held in for some time. Honestly I wish he would keep it to himself because once we crossed the line I feared we could never get back to our routine sex.

“If I agree to this, it changes everything.” I leaned back on the couch, my arms over my chest. “I’m perfectly content with our sex life and I thought you were too.”

“I love our sex.” Seth took my face in his hands and kissed my lips, but I kept them tightly closed and pulled from his grip. “But you have to admit you are turned on by the idea.” Seth put his hand on my thigh slowly sliding it up the hem of my gym shorts. I groaned as his fingers made their way inside my shorts and brushed over the moist cotton crotch of my panties. “You’re wet.” He brushed his fingers over my panties again “I can feel the heat coming off your pussy.” He leaned over and bit my neck playfully.

Seth was right. The idea of fucking another man while my husband of eight years watched turned me on so much I was terrified that we were opening a world we couldn’t control.

Seth’s breath tickled my ear as he spoke. “Come on, Babe, let’s find someone to fuck you while I jerk off in the corner.”

I was tired of hearing about it and thought about pushing Seth off the couch, but instead I pulled him closer and kissed him hard on the mouth, groaning as I spread my legs and lifted my hips toward his hand.

Seth knew how to please me and immediately slipped his fingers over the wet material, massaging my clit. Our sex was amazing. Eight years of marriage is plenty of time to learn what drives your partner mad and Seth was a pro with making my body explode with pleasure.

I arched my back as he moved the material to the side, sliding his fingers over my wet slit before inserting his middle and ring finger.

“Oh..” I gasped as his digits wriggled inside me, his thumb skillfully manipulating my sensitive clit. My nipples stiffened pressing against the cloth of my tank top. “Come on, Baby.” Seth bit my erect nub then took my nipple in his mouth, his saliva saturating my shirt before releasing it. “I want to watch as some other guy slips his cock in and out of your pussy.” He pulled his fingers from my wet hole, smearing them over my tingling folds as he spoke. “Pick any guy you want.”

I was already close to orgasm, my mind only wanting to reach satisfaction. Hands trembling, I fumbled with the button on Seth’s jeans, eager to have him inside me.  When I finally managed to release him from the confines of his pants, I gripped his cock in my hand, running my thumb over the head. He was moist with pre-come and I licked my lips imaging his salty taste on my tongue. “Enough talk, Seth. I need you inside me.” I slipped down on the couch pulling him with me, Seth’s cock at my aching entrance.

“Not till you pick someone.” He whispered and rubbed the head of his cock over my puffy labia.

I looked up at him “Not now, Seth.” I was really getting sick of this game “Let’s fuck.”

Seth backed away “Not till you pick someone.”

I rolled Seth off me and sat up running my hands through my hair in frustration “Forget it.” I got up and headed to the bathroom as Seth called after me.

* * *

The rest of the day I barely spoke to Seth. I didn’t have time for arguing with him.  We were expected to attend dinner with a salesman who was in town. Robert had been an invaluable contact for Seth as his business expanded and whenever Robert was in town, we treated him to dinner and drinks.

Seth was acting peculiar as we drove to the restaurant, but I figured he was still upset about our little tiff earlier.

We entered the restaurant and Robert was already at the table with a bottle of wine.

“How are you?” I hugged him and planted a friendly kiss on his cheek.

“Fine and you?” Robert stood and pulled a chair out for me to sit.

“We’re good.” Seth said, shook Robert’s hand then sat at the table. “I see you already ordered the wine.” He picked up the bottle “Good choice.” He poured some in my glass then his.

The rest of the dinner went as usual with boring business talk while I nursed a few more glasses of wine. My head was beginning to spin when I excused myself from the table. “Just gotta run off to the ladies room.”

When I returned Seth was leaning in to speak to Robert, as if he were telling him a secret.

As I approached Robert stood and pulled out my chair. “Thank you.” I smiled and sat. Seth quickly filled my glass with the last of the wine.

“We should order another bottle.” Seth set the empty one on the table.

“Why don’t you guys come back to the hotel for a nightcap?” Robert looked at me as he spoke.

“Umm..” I looked at Seth. He was staring at me awaiting my response. “Okay?” I said as I looked back and forth between the two.

Seth paid the bill while I finished my glass of wine. Robert seemed a bit nervous as they continued chatting. Clearing his throat a lot and looking at me, though he was speaking to Seth. I finished my glass and Seth helped me to the car. “Perhaps I don’t need a nightcap.” I slurred a bit as I spoke and Seth helped me with my seatbelt.

“Well, you can have a cup of coffee if you prefer, but we already said we would join Robert. It would be rude to not go now.” Seth started the car and drove us to the hotel.

It was nicer than I figured it would be. I admired the tasteful décor as Seth led me to the elevator. Once inside he pressed me to the wall and kissed me hard on the lips.

I parted my lips and allowed his tongue to roam freely over mine. He bit my lip, gently pulling it out then let go. “You look amazing tonight.”

I giggled “I know.” And the elevator doors opened with a ding.

Seth held my hand as we walked down the hall to Robert’s door. As we stood before the door, Seth turned me to him and took my face in his hands. “You know I love you right?”

I leaned in and kissed him “I love you too.”

Seth smiled and knocked on the door.

Robert opened immediately “Come in, come in.” he stepped back holding the door wide open.

Seth guided me inside, his hand on the small of my back, took my coat and left me on the couch.

Robert came over, a glass of wine in his hand and sat beside me. “Here you go.”

I took the glass without thinking. “Thanks.”

Robert was sitting closer to me than I thought necessary. As casually as I could, I moved against the arm of the sofa, but Robert scooted over with me. I looked to see where Seth was but didn’t see him.

Robert put a hand on my leg and slowly began kneading my thigh. I gripped his arm “What are you doing?”

Robert looked surprised and pulled his hand back “Seth said it was okay.”

I looked over Robert’s shoulder to see my husband standing there a worried look on his face. “You told Robert he could fuck me didn’t you?” I stood and slammed my wineglass down. “Of course you did.” Now completely sober I stomped across the room stopping in front of Seth. I smacked him sharply on the face then walked out the door.

As I stood freezing my ass off outside the hotel waiting for a cab, Seth came outside with my coat. He wrapped it around my shoulders “How could you?” I wanted to cry, but I was too angry. I pulled the coat around my shoulders as the cab pulled up.

“Don’t be ridiculous Wendy. I’ll take you home.” Seth stood between me and the taxi.

“Get out of the way, Seth.” I reached around him and opened the door. “I need time to think.” I got in the car as he stood on the sidewalk looking at me with sad eyes. “I’ll be home later. I just need to be alone for a while.” I pulled the door closed and told the driver to go.

I looked out the back window as the cab left the hotel. Seth remained on the sidewalk, watching as the car took me away.

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