Mated By My Wolf Savior by Saffron Sands

  • ISBN: FRBDNF000036
  • Written by: Saffron Sands


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A bad day turns worse when Penny is stalked through the woods by a group of men. Hunted by the light of the full moon, Penny finds herself cold and cornered.

When a mysterious creature appears in the darkness, Penny’s life takes an unexpected turn.

This short erotic shifter story is approximately 4,540 words and is intended for adults only.


It was dark and branches smacked her face as she kept running. Penny had to slow down or risk crashing into a tree. She paused, crouched down and tried to subdue her rapid breathing. She leaned against the trunk of a tree and shivered. It was cooler out than she had realized.

Cold and out of breath Penny looked around hoping to find a place to hide. It was dark, but with the full moon shining brightly she feared the men would see her out in the open.

 Penny could hear water flowing nearby and saw a steep decline just a few feet away. She stayed low and made her way to the edge. She could hear the men tromping through the woods. She had a decent lead on them but not for much longer.

Penny dangled over the ledge hanging onto a root. She found herself hoping it wasn’t too far of a drop, in case her weight pulled it from the ground sending her crashing to the bottom. She slipped down as quietly as she could. Once both feet were on the ground, she leaned against the dirt wall. The ground was cold and muddy and the moonlight somehow seemed brighter.

Penny gasped when she heard Tom. “Come out, come out wherever you are.” He sang and the other men laughed.

“Yeah, we won’t hurt you.” They laughed again and Penny heard someone say “Much.” And they chuckled.

Penny looked around frantically, desperate to find a hiding place when something furry brushed across her legs. She nearly screamed but somehow managed not to. She did however lose her balance and fall to her knees. Looking for whatever had touched her, Penny saw a carved out section of wall. She scooted across the mud. The space was just big enough for her to fit if she crawl inside and lay fetal in the mud.

Penny slinked inside and pulled her knees to her chest. The mud was freezing cold. She could tell the temperature was dropping fast. “Great. Let’s add the season’s first frost to my shitty day.” She almost laughed but the sound of the men climbing down the ledge brought her back to her dire situation.

Penny pulled some branches and leaves toward the opening of her tiny hiding spot and tried not to breathe.

“Come on, Honey. It’s cold outside. Don’t you want someone to warm you up?”

Penny could see a pair of feet. Her heart raced, pounding loudly in her chest. So loud she was frightened they could hear it. She watched in horror as the feet faced her and Tom bent down and looked right at her.

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