Demon Lust and Fairy Dust by Kay Brandt

  • ISBN: 9781609828929
  • Written by: Kay Brandt

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Five beloved childhood tales become wildly erotic adventures. Come experience a decadent journey where legendary fairytale characters are set free to explore their deepest, and darkest sexual desires. Uniquely twisted and explicit reworkings of these precious stories reveal a different side of the fabled and legendary ladies. Snow White awakens from a deathly sleep as a demon starving for pleasures of the flesh. Tinkerbell seeks revenge on Peter after he leaves her for Wendy, and engages in forbidden behavior with the inhabitants of Never Land. Sage (Jasmine) fantasizes of having extramarital affairs and acts on her passionate will. Alice (in Wonderland) is a young woman embracing her lusty nature after experiencing submissive interactions with a queen dominatrix, and learns the “ropes,” as well as the whips and chains. Elle (Cinderella) empowers herself with the guidance of a horny, mystical godfather and escapes from her evil stepmother's control to perform for the prince at his coming out party.  


Warnings: Contains fairy sex, orgies, light BDSM, F/F, violence, the destruction of Never Land.


Word Count: 17,835




Mounted on the back of his horse, Snow White lets her hands slide under the belt of the infatuated William as they head towards the queen's castle. The brigade of horny men follow behind them and Snow White can feel their wanting. She glances over her shoulder, smiling sweetly, seeing their faces covered in lewd thoughts. With a wink and a playful wave, she blows the men a sultry kiss, arousing their intentions. Rubbing her clothed self against William, she implores him to stop for a romp in the forest. He looks at her face, expecting a lover's gaze, but in her eyes there is a freakish gleam—the look of a young woman in the throes of uncontrollable temptation. He obeys her need to stop, directing the men away in order to be alone, but Snow White yells out in protest. She orders William to chose one of his favorite men to join the escapade. Disbelieving, William refuses, dismissing her request as a joke. Snow White demands again. If he can't, she will pick for herself and William will have to simply watch. She parts her ruby lips, singing a song of adoration, beckoning her man to fulfill the command. Reluctantly, he picks one amongst his loyal and fearless men. Snow White is pleased, transforming from darling princess to insatiable mistress in one fail swoop. Ripping the clothes off of her new playmate, she crushes his face into her taut breasts. He laps at her rose petal nipples, and she squeals in delight, laying her back on top of the Prince’s stomach. She wants them both at once, each conquering her tight openings, and as they enter her, she wails for more, not satisfied with just two participants. William pounds her from beneath, watching his fellow warrior release inside his maiden's other hole. Torn between extreme lasciviousness and jealous rage, William shoves Snow White off from his body, causing her and the knightly lover to fall to the ground as one, still connected. William stands with might, fastening his clothes, but Snow White, drenched in the sweat of both men, implores him not to leave. She loves him, and is eternally grateful for saving her life. Let them stay for the night, by fireside, here in the woods. They should all rest and resume their journey in the morning. After all, she will be presenting not only herself, but William as her soon-to-be beloved husband, to her Kingdom. He agrees, against his better judgment, pitching a rest site, and striking a fire. 

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