Blue Collar Boys Boxed Set by Ira Chas

  • ISBN: 9781609829780
  • Written by: Ira Chas


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What’s inside the Blue Collar Boys: Boxed Set? Four sizzling stories ranging from the wicked to the taboo at one low price of $1.99.

Owned by the Janitor
Driven Over the Edge
Groomed by the Farmhand
Nailed and Hammered

Warnings: These titles contain graphic sex, coarse language, BDSM, MFM and FFM ménage, lesbian sex, hot taboo sex, and a lactation fetish.


Word Count: 35,000



I’m in my mid-thirties, but the thought of two young men taking turns with my body is such a huge turn-on.

“Yeah, Jerry. We’re ready, lock the door behind you and get in the stall in the middle.”

Breathing hard, I felt Terry’s hard body deliciously molded behind me.

“Aim your pretty pussy right at the hole, baby. Let Jerry see how wet you are.”

Terry’s voice makes it hard to do anything but obey. I pressed my mound against the hole, hearing a gasp from the other end. Only one thin layer of plastic separating me and the stranger about to fuck me, and the thought thrilled me to no end.

When I confessed to Terry a few days ago about one of my fantasies, I didn’t think he’d actually come through. Then again, I’d never expected anyone to catch me on one of my secret after-lunch masturbation sessions, least of all, the floor janitor.

From there, it had been a downhill ride, with Terry and I stealing every opportunity we can get to be together— during lunch breaks, short bathroom breaks and when I had to do over time. We were like two horny teenagers, thrilled by the prospect of getting caught by someone, anyone.

“Thrust your lips at him, baby. Let Jerry feel what a slick and horny slut you are.”

Feeling thick probing digits caressing my clit, I moaned, thrusting my hips forward, but the wall did its work as a barrier.

“Feel her, Jerry. Stick your fingers into her. She likes being finger fucked.”

I met the curious fingers, groaning when Jerry began pumping them into me.

“Oh fuck. I’m hard already,” Jerry said from the other end.

“Work her, Jerry. It won’t be long. I’m going to unplug the dildo in her ass and lube her up some more.”

Pressing my cheek against the wall, I groaned in assent.

“Play with your nipples, babe. Tug at them until they’re sore and erect.”

I reached out, pulling at my left nipple, groaning at the pressure before shifting to my other one.

“Make them all ready for me, baby. I want to hear those amazing tits slapping against the wall.”

“Christ, Terry. I can get off just hearing those words. You’re a sweetheart for this, whoever you are, mystery woman.”

I’m almost sad to feel the dildo slipping out of my orifice, and there’s an emptiness there in my gaping hole waiting to be filled. Jerry’s fingers meanwhile, have taken on a rhythm, and I felt myself growing wetter and wetter. 

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