The Gonzo Collection by Daddy X

  • ISBN: 9781504500159
  • Written by: Daddy X


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“… the only people who really know (the Edge) are the ones who have gone over.”
–Hunter S. Thompson, Gonzo journalist.
Take a ride with Daddy over the edge. You won’t forget the distinctively drawn (and extremely horny) characters you’ll meet between these pages.  
An eighteen year old carnival hand nurses a crush for his gorgeous blond employer. A voyeur and his exhibitionist girlfriend find a window to peek through. A woman awaits her man while crouched naked on the floor, rear end pointed toward the door. An attempted rape is thwarted. A spy bites the dust. A man dates and mates with a fifty-foot woman. 
Mood and a sense of atmosphere bring it all to life in these twenty one gems of erotic excess.

Warnings: This book contains anal sex, gang bangs, mild choking, exhibitionism and voyeurism, and anti-clerical references.


Word Count: 60,000




Nancy once more set to her chosen task. Took him to the base again. Sucked her way back up to the tip. Wiggled her tongue. 
Out of the corner of his eye he saw the spellbound woman crawling on all fours, gold dress hitched over her ass, glazed eyes focused on his dick as it slid in and out of Nancy’s intent mouth. She stopped to finger herself every few feet but never lost eye contact with his shaft or Nancy’s lips. The blonde ended up almost cheek-to-cheek with his brunette, just inches away, mouth still hung in awe of the spectacle evolving before her eyes. 
Up and down Nancy sucked. 
The fellatrice became aware of the presence beside her. She angled her eyes to the side and into those of the gorgeous woman with her jaw dropped. It was a natural. Nancy slipped free of Josh and directed his cock to the stranger’s tongue. The blonde took him to the base. 
Her dynamite looks were a factor, but when he felt the blonde’s mouth on his rod, Josh thought that this was really why the guy kept her around. This woman was voracious. She was different. Different from Nancy. Nancy’s style was all about rhythm —set a pace and stay with it. Drive him nuts. Don’t alter speed, stay the course. He’ll spill on the downstroke every time. Unless he does it on the upstroke. 
The stranger simply sucked. Sucked him all the way in and stayed there swallowing, milking him with her throat. She grunted, gobbled, slobbered over his cock as it stayed lodged as deep as he was long. Little squeaks and suck-chirps broke around her lips. He thought that if he were bigger, she’d handle that too.Then he was coming. Josh bucked so hard he thought the suction might lose hold, but no way. 

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