Rubber Cat Burglar by Roxy Katt

  • ISBN: 9781504500388
  • Written by: Roxy Katt


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La Cambrioleuse is a proud and confident futa cat burglar.  For her, much of the fun of her job is donning her rubber cat suit and having her way with hapless women she encounters during her capers.  But there are rumours Batmaiden has had enough of La Cambrioleuse's string of successful

La Cambrioleuse is warned by her old arch criminal friend the Puffin to be wary. But La Cambrioleuse is unconcerned. As her minion Mousie laces her into her corset and squeezes her into her complicated and super tight rubber suit, La Cambrioleuse knows she has an unbroken string of successful burglaries and sexual conquests to her name.  What could go wrong?  Batmaiden is only a prissy little bread and
butter miss who could not possibly be a threat.

Careful, Cambrioleuse.  Pride goeth before a fall.  Will villainess and super heroine encounter each other at last?


Warnings: This title contains graphic language and sex.


Word Count: 12,900



Batmaiden stepped back as if to take a look at her handiwork.  La Cambrioleuse was still struggling in vain to free her hands from her rubber tail, as confused, muffled, inarticulate cries came through the muffler.  Now it was Batmaiden’s turn to grab her enemy by the shoulders and turn her this way and that as she admired her sexiness, the alluring design of her rubber suit, and the tightly encased form within it.

La Cambrioleuse tottered and wobbled awkwardly, now helpless in the hands of her opponent. Her legs were spread in an attempt to keep her balance.

“Ooooloolgoh. Oonn. Ooogahga.”

Batmaiden grabbed her buttocks and began to squeeze.

“Ooonng!  Ooobh!”

“I just love squeezing big asses.”

“Ooofhg!  Uunnnh!”

“What was that you were saying about the indignant cries of the powerless?  Oh, such a fine, firm, rubbery big ass you have.  I am impressed.  But face it, La Cambrioleuse.  You are all about control, and you have lost that control.  And now I control you.”

“Ooognh! Uuunnhh!”

“Oh!  What’s this?  A bum zipper.  Literally a bum zipper.”  She grabbed the large pull tucked just beneath the burglar’s tail and began to toy with it.

“Gnnuf Immph Unf!

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