Behind Locked Doors by Emma Hillman

  • ISBN: 9781609821906
  • Written by: Emma Hillman


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 She wakes up to find herself locked in a harem. It would have been a great as a dream, except it isn’t. And now she’s stuck with four men, or Masters as they want to be called, and an assortment of other women all but begging to satiate their hungers.

Follow Thursday’s first weeks in the harem as she fights not to get caught up and end up one of these nameless women. She keeps on telling them no but this is their game and they all want to be the first to get the ultimate prize-to make her come.

Warnings: This title contains graphic language, group sex and some f/f elements.

Word Count: 20,600


Emily H., E-CATA Sensual Romance Reviews

"Emma Hillman writes a quickly paced book that will enrapture the reader to want to see what goes on inside the Harem.  I truly enjoyed this book, it was set at a rapid pace and each page encouraged an eagerness to see what happens next."

Seriously Reviewed, 18/20 SCORE


"Thank You, Emma! Behind Locked Doors is one of those stories that draws you in and holds you hostage…Damn, this story was just so deviously fun….if you like BDSM – great, this story has it. Tenderness with control – yep, you get that too.. Everything in this story was perfectly balanced."


I remember his grin as I signed the sheet of paper he’d handed me.

I remember the hours before or rather a daze with glimpses of his face and hands. The ones that were all over me one second then we’d...left? Maybe.

Maybe not.

I’m not too sure on the details. I remember the pen he’d been holding, its gold catching the multicolored lights. We’d been in the VIP area of some club, I think. In...Santa Monica? Maybe.

I remember signing my name on the dotted line and then...darkness.

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