Callie and the College Boys by Giselle Renarde

  • ISBN: 9781504501002
  • Written by: Giselle Renarde


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Callie’s cottage has been taken over… by college boys!

All Callie needs is a weekend away from real life. Just two calm days at her haven of relaxation. Is that really too much to ask? Apparently so, because when she gets to her summer home it’s full of young people: friends of her son’s and students at the nearby university.

Is she angry? Not after falling into bed with two young men and a bottle of Kahlua! But can the love of two college boys solve all life’s problems? Or will family issues throw shade on Callie's sunny getaway?

Warnings: This title contains one older woman, two younger men, and plenty of hot threesomes!

Word Count: 16,700



“How long have you been here?” Dante asked.

Hopefully he couldn’t tell how loaded she still was from the night before. “I got here late in the evening, tired, crashed upstairs.”

She wasn’t going to reveal any more than that.

Somebody put out pastries, thank goodness. She stole a croissant before heading toward the stairs. Now that she’d found her son, she wanted to sneak away from him.

“Why did you come?” he asked. “Did you find out I was throwing this party?”

Oh. That. Callie wasn’t about to tell Dante about his father in front of all these people, so she simply said, “Yes, and I thought I’d keep an eye on things.”

She avoided eye contact as she lied to him. It wasn’t like her. Even when he was little she hadn’t been that kind of mother, but this felt different. Her failings had driven Winston to do what he’d done. He hadn’t said so, but it must have been. She could blame no one but herself.

“Who told you about it?” Dante asked.

Callie didn’t want to answer. She couldn’t face any more questions. Taking the stairs by twos, she called, “Sorry, I can’t hear you.”

In her present state, that passed for clever.

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