An Essential Life Skill by Sabrina Stelle

  • ISBN: 9781504501040
  • Written by: Sabrina Stelle


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Monique thinks its odd that her boyfriend Curtis has no experience doing what she considers an essential life skill. She offers to give him some training and guidance, which he accepts, humoring her. But when the day comes to put his new training to the test, will he be ready?


Warnings: This is an erotic story containing references to drugs and several scenes of explicit oral sex, including M/M fellatio and fellatio performed on a dildo.
Word Count: 4900



“Curtis, before we light up or fool around or do anything else I would like to try something different,” she said, shimmying away from me. “You don’t have to, of course, but I’m serious about this. I want to give you some practice in sucking cock. Just so you’ll be prepared in case the need arises, you know.”
Mm hmm. More like an excuse to get me to try one of your weird kinks, I thought, but didn’t say. Despite my inward sarcasm, I had to admit I was a little curious what it would be like, whether I would be any good at it. “That’s very thoughtful of you, but you don’t have a cock.”
“That’s where you’re wrong,” she said, and pulled out what she had been fishing for, a bag from the bottom of her dresser. She opened this up and held up something that looked like a mess of straps. It wasn’t until Monique had fastened it around her waist and started sorting through dildoes at the bottom of the bag that I realized it was a harness.
I took a step back, not sure what to say.
Monique looked back at me over her shoulder and could see I was working on a polite way to decline. She winked. “Don’t answer yet. Wait until you see how I look with this on.” She pushed a dildo through the ring on her harness.
With the dildo in place, she turned to face me, still otherwise naked from the waist down, pointing it at me and stroking it slowly. It was the sexiest damn thing I’d seen in a long time. “So what do you think, lover?”
When you call me ‘lover’ and give me that smoldering look I’ll do whatever you ask, is what I was thinking.

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