Dirty Talk by Delores Swallows

  • ISBN: 9781504501293
  • Written by: Delores Swallows


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Is being ‘open’ about sex always for the best?  That’s open to debate… 
In this collection of five all-dialogue pieces, lads discuss how to deal with a married woman’s advances, a divorced couple discover they still have a spark, and a couple in an open relationship discuss the woman’s night of passion with a stranger. There are shocks afoot for Roger when he meets the woman he hooked up with through an online dating site, and for Rob, whose colleague Chloe is all too happy to tease him about their kiss after a work night out.  
A light-hearted, explicit collection of shorts.
Warnings: This story contains graphic discussions about sex.
Word Count: 10,359



“Yes, thank you. But I would happily pay my half, and we can say goodnight, and both sleep soundly in our beds. However, if you prefer, for say, the price of another couple of meals, we could go back to your flat and continue the evening.”
“I’m actually staying at The Imperial tonight.”
“In that case, we could both go back to your hotel and really enjoy ourselves.”
“For the price of a couple of meals…?”
“Yes. I expect dinner for two here will be about a hundred and fifty pounds. For twice that amount, I could spend the entire night with you. I run five miles every day. I go to the gym four times a week. My legs are long, my arse is firm and my tits are pert. My pelvic floor muscles can grip like a vice, and I can suppress my gag reflex.”
“You… You can…”
“I could swallow your cock, Roger. Within the hour, you could be bollock-deep in my mouth, with your pubes tickling my nose. After that, you could slide your length deep inside me. I like it in all positions, and I’m very flexible. I do Pilates twice a week, too. I could ride your cock reverse cowgirl or I can swing from a chandelier. I could blow your cock and blow your mind. All you have to say is roger, Roger.”

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