Serving My Viking Masters 4: Passion's Price by Serena Starling


This author has an incredible gift for storytelling. I got sucked in on the very first page and couldn't stop reading. The protagonist Kira, is a 9th century Irish girl, who is captured and enslaved by Viking raiders. As you might imagine, Viking raiders are not especially concerned about negotiating consent, which may trigger some people. It didn't bother me because the author does such a beautiful job of depicting life in an era in which slavery was commonplace. Kira is a lovable heroine who is determined to make the best of a bad situation. Often in this genre, authors rely on stock characters, but the character development is superb in this story. I especially liked the way the Vikings were portrayed. They weren't all villains. Some were kind, some were brutal, and some were in between. This is a complex story, which happens to have lots and lots of hot sex scenes. I definitely recommend getting the box set. This is one complete story, which builds on itself from one book to the next. If you enjoy a well-written, sexy, historical novel, don't miss this one!
Date Added: 02/02/2018 by Karen M.
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