Toxic Desire by Ellie Douglas


This is a very well-written novel which brings sex and horror in equal amounts. It could really be classified in two genres. The sex scenes are plentiful and hot, but this is a plot-driven novel. It takes a skilled author to create a protagonist that provokes both sympathy and horror in the reader, but Ms. Douglas pulls it off in the most thought-provoking way. Annabelle is an obvious psychopath, but it’s never clear whether this was an inherited condition of if it was brought on by her nightmarish childhood. What is clear is that she is cruel and vicious, and in spite of that, she has a warped sense of justice. It surprised me how much I cared about her in spite of the things she did. She is still capable of suffering, and her rage is justified although it’s definitely out of proportion. One of the most fascinating aspects of this books is Annabelle’s relationship to her best friend Ivy, who seems intent on purging her of any remaining human empathy. I won’t give any spoilers, but I will say that the two of them together are definitely more evil than the sum of their parts. I look forward to reading more by Ellie Douglas!
Date Added: 01/06/2018 by Karen M.

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