Ms. Baden’s Bottom Line by Alice A. Eden


Serious, consensual BDSM.

Don't expect a novel about abuse. This is more like boot camp. She pushes herself as hard as he does. Using pain in building a peak is an ancient debate. What's beyond debate is that different people have different reasons for doing so. This story is not some brutal predator dehumanizing another person. There's a mutual cooperation involved here, to push their boundaries together.

Of course if someone tried that stuff with me they'd have to explain all their broken bones as a hit and run. But I can easily see how a sub at heart would be gushing with superlatives here. This is well written.
Do your deepest hidden fantasies get off on a sub perspective? Then you're in for one wild ride, aren't you? I've long been a fan of pushing envelopes in other areas. We all have different ways. If this area is old hat to you, perhaps experiencing it all fresh through a newbie like the character in this book could make it new to you again.
I'm being objective here, but this story deserves better than objective. OK folks, who thrills to this genre? Step up now and write a subjective review, or you won't get your spanking! Twenty lashes added for not answering soon enough!

Regarding writing style, there's a brilliant overlaying of two progressive timelines, one past and one present. It makes one wonder how much is reality and how much is fantasy. This writer is a force out of nowhere. This appears to be her only book. I hope she'll find time to write again, as I look forward to seeing what else she'll bring to the table. Having crushed it in BDSM, with this level of talent I wouldn't be at all surprised if she mastered a completely different sub-genre each time, like an iron chef.
Date Added: 12/17/2017 by Jessica M.

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