Heaven’s Brides by Jessica Mandella


Fasten your seat belts . . .

. . . and prepare for a fun, rollicking ride. Pastor Max is not an ordinary minister, nor is his wife a typical “preacher’s wife.” But then, in Mandella’s world, most everything jolts, amazes, and makes you smile. Her latest book is no exception.

The genre of erotica is filled with formulaic writers who do little but change the names of their characters from one book to the next. Trust me, Mandella does NOT fall into that category with Heaven’s Brides. Her productivity is impressive. Her creativity even more so.

Mandella creates memorable characters who love to laugh and play. Sometimes they’re straight, sometimes homosexually attracted, sometimes bi-- and/or trans- (at least in spirit), but always open to exploring their sexuality in new ways. Pastor Max and his wives (and no, he’s not a Mormon) love to participate in scenes actively as well as voyeuristically. And for this interesting group, three is not a crowd. Not even close. Mandella’s fantasy world incorporates romance, the paranormal, science fiction, and enough sexual variety to titillate even the most ho-hum reader.

Perhaps Mandella is telling us we have unlimited sexual capacity, both expressively and receptively, and that we have choices we fail to recognize. But I believe she’s also trying to shake things up a bit, especially organized institutions like the church, marriage, and old-fashioned notions of family.

This book is upbeat, fast-paced, and provocative. You’ll remember Mandella’s characters, and message, with a smile long after the ride is over.
Date Added: 12/17/2017 by Alice A E.
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