Virgin Forest by Elle Danielson


Super-hot, beautifully-written erotic romance!

Ever wonder what it’d be like to meet a stranger and have him satisfy fantasies you never realized you had? Or know after a couple of days that you’d found your soulmate, and that there’d be no turning back, ever? Or four months later, find yourself giddy with love and oozing sex from every pore, not only with your new lover, but with another couple as well? Had this story been presented on a stage, I guarantee it’d play to a sold-out, standing room only audience for the next ten years. It’d make a wonderful movie and probably leave the producer a rich, happy man.

Innocent young Ashley, a virgin, goes hiking in the deep woods to figure out her life. Startled by a rattlesnake, she falls down a ledge and is soon rescued by Seth, a ranger patrolling the area. Ashley learns in short order that Seth has cravings in just about every flavor but vanilla, and she doesn’t hesitate in trying to please him. Nor to please Nate, Seth’s best friend. Nor Hannah, Nate’s girlfriend, who quickly becomes a friend to all. Well, you get the picture….

Reading like a BDSM primer, Danielson has crafted an engaging tale featuring well-developed characters who feel like your best friends by the end of the story. I can hardly wait for Danielson’s sequel to be tucked into my Kindle library—Deep Woods, scheduled for release April 6, 2018. I’ve marked my calendar! Meanwhile, I plan to check out some of her other titles.

Date Added: 12/23/2017 by Alice A E.

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