Brain (Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club 2) by Candace Blevins


Candace, we (bookworm mortals) are bowing down to your wicked, dark, kinky and sensitive author skills. This book will take you to places you didn't know existed and you will re-read them to make sure you read that one right and I promise you, you WILL stare blank for a min to take it all in and then dive right back in and repeat it after a chapter or even less. IT'S THAT GOOD and NO this is not paid advertising (loosing sleep, tears and batteries over Candace books).

this is not your typical MC romance, and this is not your expected shape-shifter/werewolf book, and this is NOT just another romance novel. You will be twisted and turned and twisted again but it will all come to place with coming to its conclusion.

It's the story of Brain and Ice/Buttercup/Harmony and its about their both mad hacker skills (SERIOUS TURN ON !!!!!!!), and its also about Brain's wolf catching and claiming her after all they go through, and its about trust - loosing it and earning it back, and its also about coming out of personal dark and doing your best to live your life with it.

Brain is and at the same time isn't your typical hacker/smart guy - he is the guy that looses the girl twice and that is fighting for her and for them, and is testing the limits how far he's willing to go after what he and his wolf want. Candace will leave you in deep poo with him cause no guy will be ever as good, gentle, rough and patient as him (and you want HIM).

Ice is a super smart hacker that is giving Brain a run for his money and makes him stretch his fingers (LOL!!) and presents the ultimate challenge for him on more than one level. She is just what he need and he is that for her but with the dark past that is not past at all she is un-trusting and hurting day in - day out. She takes an emotional journey in this book that makes you want to cry and hide. and she comes out of it as a stronger person that can handle Brain and all of his world. She is fighting against the broken part of herself so she can be all that she wants without living in fear from anyone.

There are so may layers to this book and the story and the characters that - the book will leave you glued to your seat till the very end, and right at the end you will go back to your favorite bookmarked parts (cca 70% of the book) so you have an instant re-read. ITS THAT GOOD !! and we get to hang out with our favorite super/kick-ass/ass-kicking gang that we all love and adore and it makes it all that better.

Don't worry about Candace loosing her touch - remember the dark place for Ice ... let's just say, the muse just ran loose on that part so, hold on tight to your seats on that one. Personally I can not wait what she has planned next for us ... until then, I smell another RE-READ and I'm not sorry AT ALL !!
Date Added: 07/20/2015 by Tanja Milos
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