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ISBN: 9781609820541
Authors: Selena Kitt

Price: $2.99

Date Added: Saturday 23 July, 2011
 Tomboy mechanic Cat has fixed up a classic 1978 Chevy Nova in the school shop, but unless she passes her claasses to get into a prestigious ... more info

ISBN: 9781504500869
Price: $1.99

Date Added: Thursday 20 August, 2015
Unexpectedly stranded at a small town hotel for the night, a penniless traveller finds herself unexpectedly entangled with a menacing local neighbour ... more info

ISBN: 9781609824426
Authors: Gabriel Daemon

Price: $4.99

Date Added: Sunday 24 July, 2011
 We've all known those people who seemed a little strange, a little weird. Your third-grade teacher. The old man down the street. People you ... more info

ISBN: 9781609820558
Authors: Elliott Mabeuse

Price: $7.99

Date Added: Friday 22 July, 2011
WINNER 2009 EPIC AWARD When passionate Professor Conner Devlin meets oversexed student Emma Fiore, the sparks ignite: he’ll train her to be his ... more info

ISBN: 9781609823672
Authors: Roxanne Rhoades

Price: $2.99

Date Added: Tuesday 26 July, 2011
There are two things Chrissy and Martin really love besides each other—sex and Halloween. They even bought a spooky old Victorian house with a ... more info

ISBN: 9781609826321
Authors: Giselle Renarde

Price: $3.99

Date Added: Sunday 04 March, 2012
Madame Mireille's ocean-side parlour, Les Trois Dames Jouissantes , is one of the last houses holding to the tenets of classic burlesque. They ... more info

ISBN: 9781504500753
Authors: Giselle Renarde

Price: $3.99

Date Added: Friday 31 July, 2015
When Aviva becomes maid to a tech-boom billionaire, she can’t help falling in love. Wallace is a handsome widower who spoils her without ever ... more info

Authors: J.L. Dillard

Price: $2.99

Date Added: Wednesday 03 January, 2018
A Naughty or nice is the most important question of the season when dealing with Christmas, though most of these men and women did their very best ... more info

ISBN: 9781609824730
Authors: Selena Kitt

Price: $2.99

Date Added: Sunday 24 July, 2011
 In this modern version of the fairy tale classic, Alice is madly in love with a man who taps into her naturally submissive nature and ... more info

ISBN: 9781609824853
Authors: Selena Kitt

Price: $2.99

Date Added: Sunday 24 July, 2011
In this modern retelling of a fairy tale classic, Goldie Lax is a safecracking prodigy who learned her craft from her father and her grandfather ... more info
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