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ISBN: 9781609829827
Authors: M.E. Hydra

Price: $4.99

Date Added: Friday 13 March, 2015
Who is the lucky one—the man given sensual pleasure beyond his dreams, or the succubus that ensnares and drains him? Dangerous and delectable ... more info

ISBN: 9781609824518
Authors: M.E. Hydra

Price: $4.99

Date Added: Sunday 24 July, 2011
 Alluring, exotic, delectable, sexy...dangerous. M. E. Hydra returns with a second collection of thirteen sizzling stories featuring seductive ... more info

ISBN: 9781609825454
Authors: Giselle Renarde

Price: $3.99

Date Added: Thursday 25 August, 2011
  Princess Lally was a happy child until her mother’s untimely death.  It was then her devastated and distraught father locked ... more info

ISBN: 9781609823405
Authors: Emma Hillman

Price: $0.99

Date Added: Saturday 23 July, 2011
  Kate finds herself locked up in her apartment building’s laundry room. It’s the middle of the night and there’s a man with ... more info

ISBN: 9781609820299
Authors: Selena Kitt


Date Added: Monday 25 July, 2011
  Did you ever wonder what started the feud between the Capulets and the Montagues? Check out this naughty version of Romeo and ... more info

ISBN: 9781609823719
Authors: D.B. Story

Price: $1.99

Date Added: Wednesday 27 July, 2011
 Abandoned Property" is a story of opportunity meeting preparation, otherwise known as luck, as a young man visiting paradise finds a way ... more info

ISBN: 9781609820053
Authors: Varian Krylov

Price: $8.99

Date Added: Saturday 23 July, 2011
For years, college student Devan Astor has penned erotic stories based on her dark fantasies, but when she's abducted, she is faced with the real ... more info

ISBN: 9781504501071
Authors: Delores Swallows

Price: $2.99

Date Added: Sunday 04 October, 2015
After their tryst with Joel, Sophie and Jim realise their sex life will have to become more adventurous to satisfy the needs that the threesome had ... more info

ISBN: 9781504500999
Authors: Candace Blevins

Price: $2.99

Date Added: Saturday 19 September, 2015
Bethany has teased for years that if she ever settles down, it'll be with a harem of men. Mac is a new werewolf, and is still learning control. ... more info

ISBN: 9781504502221
Authors: Jordan Monroe

Price: $3.99

Date Added: Friday 03 June, 2016
Voted 1 of the 50 Best Indie Books of 2015 – (Erotica). Romantic as a dozen long-stem roses and sexy as stiletto heels, Aching for ... more info
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