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Authors: Jessica Mandella

Price: $3.99

Date Added: Tuesday 16 May, 2017
You saw my role on stage.  You never saw me. I was the invisible actress inside the super hero. Have you wondered about us Super Heroes?  ... more info

ISBN: 9781609821562
Authors: D.B. Story

Price: $3.99

Date Added: Tuesday 26 July, 2011
 Meet the Advantage Player. An Advantage Player is one who has an Edge; a way to tilt the odds more into his favor than any casino would like if ... more info

ISBN: 9781504503822
Authors: Selena Kitt

Price: $4.99

Date Added: Tuesday 23 May, 2017
The broad-minded Baumgartners are ready to open their arms—and their marriage—once again. While Ronnie, their former flirtatious ... more info

ISBN: 9781504500166
Price: $3.99

Date Added: Friday 24 April, 2015
       Jerilyn is a young, neglected housewife. Loneliness and boredom finally drive her to take desperate action. She searches ... more info

ISBN: 9781609820251
Authors: Varian Krylov

Price: $8.99

Date Added: Thursday 28 July, 2011
 THE APOCALYPSE: A chimera devastates the human population. Technology fails and infrastructure crumbles. Civilization collapses. AFTER: A ... more info

Authors: Huck Pilgrim

Price: $2.99

Date Added: Friday 12 June, 2015
A maverick teacher is willing to do anything to help inner city girls succeed! Ryan Reeves loves his students. He is young, white and male. He grew ... more info

ISBN: 9781609825171
Authors: Barrie Abalard

Price: $7.99

Date Added: Monday 18 July, 2011
Seventies slacker (to use a word not yet invented) and aspiring writer Alice moves from Virginia to Boston in 1977, with nothing but her ... more info

ISBN: 9781609829483
Authors: J.L. Dillard

Price: $2.99

Date Added: Saturday 17 January, 2015
Being desired by every man and woman she meets had never been a problem for AJ Arenas until her fiancé ended their relationship by cheating. ... more info

ISBN: 9781609824570
Authors: Jack Osprey

Price: $4.99

Date Added: Sunday 24 July, 2011
 Something is really starting to stink in Victorian England. Someone is seeking to use an ancient relic to summon the darkness, and unleash all ... more info

ISBN: 9781609824150
Authors: Giselle Renarde

Price: $3.99

Date Added: Tuesday 26 July, 2011
 When Josie invites her long-ago boyfriend Kaz to stay with her family over the holidays, there are a few things she doesn't anticipate. Kaz ... more info
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