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Your book will appear in your account to download after you have purchased it.

We currently offer at least three formats (EPUB, MOBI & PDF) in one ZIPPED file. You must unzip this file to access all of the ebook formats. Files may contain the following:

EPUB (Nook, iPad)

HTML (Web)

KML (Hiebook)

LIT (Microsoft Reader)

MOBI/PRC (Kindle)

PDB (Palm)

PDF (Adobe)

RB (Rocketbook)

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An eBook isn’t quite like a “print” book. Once you pay for a print book, you can pretty much do what you want with it—sell it, give it away, burn it, whatever!

With eBooks, though, the rules are a little different. You’re not allowed to copy, sell, or share an eBook. (You could burn it, but I wouldn’t recommend that! Not good for the environment—or your laptop or ereader!)

Lots of readers object to this, but there is a good reason behind it. Print books (or DVDs or CDs etc) are physical objects. They have a shelf life and they eventually do wear out. You can also only loan these books out or sell them to someone else once (or at least, one at a time!) Digital downloads, however, never wear out and can be copied an infinite amount of times.

For this reason, ebooks are both non-transferable and non-refundable. Sort of like airline tickets—you’ve got a one way ticket to ride, but it’s gonna be a great trip!

Offical eXcessica Return/Refund Policy

You acknowledge that eXcessica will not provide refunds. eXcessica will replace damaged content with either an undamaged file of the work, or a work of equal value. You must request replacement of damaged files within seventy-two (72) hours of purchase. Requests must be made via our contact page.

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