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Selena Kitt’s *Daddy's Favorites*—where naughty thoughts and wicked temptations bring the taboo fantasy to life.

Georgia runs with the goth/emo crowd at school--she dyes her hair and wears black nail polish and lipstick, but she has to hide all of this from her disapproving mother and step daddy.

When she decides to get a tattoo on her birthday, she makes the mistake of talking about it on her cell phone to a friend and her daddy overhears.

Georgia discovers that there's a price to pay for disobeying her daddy--a very naughty price indeed.


Warning: This title contains shamelessly wicked displays of taboo sex so hot—careful!—it may just melt your ereader!

Word Count: 10,500



Arriving at the Wine Cellar Tasting Room a few minutes early, Georgia looked over the bottles and glassware adorning the walls and ceiling. The colors of burnt orange and desert brown were softened by strings of real dried grapevine wrapped in little white lights and plastic grapes draped over just about everything from rafters to shelves. Old wine barrels acquired at a high prices formed tables to serve and dine from.
She felt out of place in her tight black dress with lace arms, torn hose and heeled, knee-high leather boots. The top of the dress was corset-like, her breasts pressed together, pushed up high into two large, round mounds of white flesh. The heavy material of the dress clung to all of her curves, accentuating each one. She straightened her back and stood up tall, catching her reflection in the etched mirror.
Her hair, painted black and slicked into fringes around her face made a nice frame for her white powdered cheeks, heavy eye shadow and thick blue-black lipstick. She admired the way she’d painstakingly drawn wings with eye liner around her eyes, giving her full cheeks a more dramatic edge. She watched her eyes turned to slits as she heard her stepfather’s footsteps enter the room.
Before she could turn to face him, he stated firmly, “First order of business is your punishment for disobeying the no tattoo rule, telling lies about me on the phone, and dressing like a devilish whore outside of this house. Second on my agenda is a reward for staying and obeying my orders. Follow me.”
He turned and she obeyed, walking behind him, matching him step for step, until he stopped to unlock the door to the “storage” room. As he turned on the bright overhead lights, the table she’d seen last night loomed in the center, surrounded by a metal chest, open and filled with sex toys, along with restraints hanging from the walls and ceiling. As she scanned the wide open area, a black leather chair, ornate and throne-like, sat up on a small stage built in one corner. Crops and other punishment devices hung from a rack. The whole place was a bright, stark, white against black, and it welcomed her, made her giddy just to stand in the place.
He obviously spared no expense for his little dungeon of horrors, she thought, tightening her mouth against the devilish grin she felt threatening to break out over her face.
He slammed the door, giving her a start before he circled around her.
“You are a dramatic little deviant, aren’t you?” he asked, grabbing her arm in his big hand and yanking her with him to his throne.
Sitting down, he pulled her to him, bending her over his thighs, as he laid down the law.
“You will obey my every command. You will not struggle. You will not come during your punishment.”
With that, he brought his hand down twice, once on each cheek, still covered by her dress. She bit her lip to keep from crying out with the sheer pleasure, the feeling of his large hands hitting her ass. She grew wetter, his command not to orgasm giving her a moment of pause. Pulling her skirt up to expose her lace-covered cheeks, he spanked her again, just twice with his hand, one hard, resounding smack per cheek, and this time the blows were upward, causing an increased sting. The heat grew, made her want to wiggle, actually beg for more, but she clenched her ass in order to fight the urge.
“No clenching,” he commanded with another set of spanks.
She felt him grab the back of her panties and pull. The lace tore, biting into her thighs as it released. She breathed through the glorious sting, her pussy trembling already. If she could come without touching herself, she feared her fate with her stepfather laying his hands on her.

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