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Selena Kitt’s *Daddy's Favorites*—where naughty thoughts and wicked temptations bring the taboo fantasy to life.

Viola is a virgin and wants to stay that way until marriage, so she practices what she can, satisfying her needs girl-on-girl with her best friend, Emily.

But the forbidden need for something more overwhelms her, especially when there's such an attractive man in the house--her stepfather. Even if she knows it's wrong, Viola can't help her taboo fantasies.

One night, he discovers what the girls have been doing, and decides it's time to teach innocent Viola what she's in for with a real man.

Warning: This title contains shamelessly wicked displays of taboo sex so hot—careful!—it may just melt your ereader!

Word Count: 10,800



“Viola,” a voice breathed into her ear.
She almost screamed but she didn’t have any breath. Instead, she turned off her vibrator with one hand and grabbed for the covers with the other, seeing Matt kneeling beside her bed, his dark hair sleep-tousled, his blue eyes on hers.
“What are you doing here?” she asked hoarsely, all too aware of what he must have seen.
“Watching you.” He swallowed, reaching out and putting a hand over hers. Viola didn’t say anything as he lowered the comforter, revealing first her breasts, then her belly. He gave a little hiss of air through his teeth when he reached her pubis. “My God, Viola, you’re so beautiful.”
She blushed but didn’t say anything.
“I know.” His gaze moved up to meet hers and he sighed. “I shouldn’t. But Vy… I saw you last night, and I can’t stop thinking about you…”
Her eyes widened. He saw? She couldn’t believe it, but then she remembered what her mother had said. That he’d gotten to bed late. Had he come in while she and Em had been on the couch? Had he watched them from the darkness of the kitchen?
“Not that I can ever stop thinking about you,” he confessed, his voice low, his hand still clasping hers between her legs, his thumb brushing fingers.
“Matt…” Viola blinked at him, wondering if she was dreaming this. Was this all still part of her fantasy? “You should go now.”
“I know.” He cleared his throat, nodding. “I just thought… maybe…”
“If my mom comes home.” She gulped. “We’ll be in trouble.”
“Do you really care?”
She stared at him, asking herself that question. Then she shook her head, taking his hand and sliding it further between her thighs. Matt gave a little groan when she slid her hand over his, forcing him to cup her mound.
“Oh Vy, I don’t want you to be angry and bitter about men, the way your mother is,” he breathed. “I don’t want her to poison you. What you said last night to Emily broke my heart.” 
“What?” Viola tilted her head. “Why?”
“Because you’re so afraid.” His hand moved just slightly, massaging her, and she shifted her hips in response. “You know, at one time, I thought I could save your mother from herself. Make her smile and laugh again. Make her trust men... trust me. But I was wrong.”
Viola whimpered when one of his fingers slipped between her swollen lips.
“But there’s still time for me to save you, Vy.”
“How?” Viola croaked. She felt herself trembling.
“Can you trust me?” His finger stroked up and down her slit. 
She asked herself that question, too—and realized in that moment that it was Matt she trusted above all others. Including Jason. Or even Em!
“Your mother has it all wrong, and to think you’ve listened to her… it’s a crying shame.” His finger pressed gently against her clit, making her let out a little moan. “I can teach you, Viola. If you let me. If you… want me to.”
“Yes,” she breathed, moving her hips in little circles, wanting his fingers to move, too. “Oh yes, Daddy, please… teach me.”
She hardly ever referred to him as her father, but it just felt right to call him that in the moment.
“That’s good, Viola.” His cheeks flushed with heat but his eyes darkened at her words. “That’s just what I want you to say. If I ask you a question, I want to hear you say, ‘Yes, Daddy,’ or ‘No, Daddy.’ Understand?”
“Yes, Daddy.” There was something about saying it that sent an electric pulse down her spine. And she could tell he liked hearing it, too. It made what they were doing that much more forbidden, put it out in front of them so they couldn’t deny it.
They were doing this. Together.

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