Secret Passions: Hot Taboo Box Set

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From some of erotica's hottest authors come six naughty tales of taboo passion.

NYT bestselling author Terry Towers, plus Sasha Blake, Lexi Wood, Jade K. Scott, Saffron Daughter, and explosive newcomer Candi Cade bring you six tales of passion so scorching, it'll leave you breathless and wanting! Secret and forbidden trysts between people who aren't supposed to love each other... like that. If you like your love forbidden and illicit, look no further!

Candi Cade box set

Novella Length

(approx 37,300 words)

Included in this box set:

  1. Daughter of His Heart by Candi Cade
  2. The Marine’s Naughty Sister by Terry Towers
  3. All in the Family by Sasha Blake
  4. Daddy and His Little Baby by Jade K. Scott
  5. In Bed with Uncle Larry by Lexi Wood
  6. Knocked Up: Michelle by Saffron Daughter

Warning: This title contains shamelessly wicked displays of taboo sex so hot—careful!—it may just melt your ereader!

Word Count: 37,315



Switching her attention to him, her hands tugged at the bottom of the undershirt he was still wearing, pulled it free of his pants and ran her hands up his bare stomach. "Mmm, you know I didn't realize how sexy you were, Nate." She leaned into him and pressed her lips against his throat, kissing and licking her way up his neck to his ear.

Nate froze for a moment, his body taking over his mind. His cock sprang to life, begging to be unleashed. Closing his eyes, he took a moment to gather the strength to resist her. But fuck, she smelt so damned good, a mixture of roses and lavender. Not to mention the chills that shot through him at the feel of her tongue teasing the side of his neck. He attempted to ignore the feelings she was stirring within him and proceeded to dress her.

Evelyn pushed her body full against him. Her firm round breasts, only covered in the thin lace bra, pressed tight against his chest. Nate couldn't resist looking down and taking a peek at the creamy ivory flesh spilling from the black lace. He groaned. "Eve please, put the shirt on."

She pulled back, looked him in the eye, and then told him in a matter-of-fact tone, "I want to get fucked; either you do it or I’ll find someone else."

"Wha-what?" He shook his head, trying to decide if he had heard correctly. Nate looked over at Brian who was wearing a broad grin.

"Hey Nate, if you don't want to, I'll offer up my services to her," Brian suggested, his grin widening as he gave Nate a wink.

"You're not touching my sister either, asshole," he growled.

Not even remotely fazed by Nate's aggression, Brian laughed and continued to watch in amusement as Nate finally managed to get Eve into the shirt.

"Mmm, big boy, I see," Eve whispered seductively in his ear as she reached between them and caressed the ridge of his hardened cock over his black trousers.

Nate froze and his breath caught in his throat. He hated that he loved the feel of her hand rubbing against his shaft, but God help him he did. He found himself wondering if her pussy would be tight and moist if he reached up under her short skirt. He doubted if that anal-retentive boyfriend - ex-boyfriend if Jason was to be believed - of hers was any good in bed. He came across as too selfish and too prudish to Nate. He was betting she hadn't gotten a good fucking in a long time.

Yes, Nate was certain she'd be nice and tight.

Chastising himself for letting his mind wander to forbidden thoughts of her, he grabbed her wrist and reluctantly pulled her hand away from his groin. "We're leaving." Taking her hand in his, he started towards the exit.

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