The Best Laid Plans by Nick Scipio

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Paul, a handsome young architect, simply wants to relax and enjoy his vacation. MILF Beth has other plans. She asks him to help with some yard work, but he suspects that she really wants him to tend to more than her garden. Will they succumb to temptation and satisfy their taboo lust?


Warnings: This title contains taboo sex between mother-son.  

Word Count: 30,000 




I shouldered my backpack and handed the exam booklet to the professor. I’d probably never see her again, but I smiled and told her that I enjoyed the course. It never hurts to be polite, after all. Then I wished her a nice break and left without a backward glance.

The weather had been beautiful for the past week, which had made it hard to focus and study. The mornings were still cold, but the afternoons were balmy and cerulean. So I took off my windbreaker and strolled across campus. Yes, “strolled.” I wouldn’t have to race, dash, or sprint for another week and a half, until the new quarter began.

My apartment was empty when I arrived, since most of my friends had left earlier in the week, bound for home, the beach, or anywhere but here. I felt a little sad that I wasn’t going to Florida with Trip and Wren (my best friend and his girlfriend), or to New Orleans with my roommates, but I simply wasn’t in the mood for a party.

Instead, I planned to spend a couple of days in Atlanta at my parents’ house—sleeping and doing as little as possible—before I flew to San Diego to visit my girlfriend. Christy’s parents lived two blocks from the beach, and I could get my fill of sand and sea there.

In the meantime, I still had a three-hour drive ahead of me and needed to get moving if I didn’t want to hit traffic. So I packed the last of my things, loaded my car, and left Knoxville. I ran into the leading edge of rush hour when I hit the Perimeter, but still made it to my parents’ house without too much hassle.

“Hi, I’m home!” I dropped my things in the kitchen and ventured deeper into the house. “Mom? Dad?”

“I’m on the phone,” my mom called from the back. “Just a sec.”

I glanced into my old bedroom, now my sister’s room, but Erin had gone to the beach for her own spring break. Then I stuck my head into Erin’s old room, now my mom’s craft room. It was empty, so I walked down the hall to the master bedroom. My mother was sitting cross-legged on the bed, talking on the phone. She smiled when she saw me.

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