Kendra's Happy Ending by Tasha S. Heart

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Kendra thought being stuck at the salon filling in for Brandy and David was going to be a terrible end to her long week. After the double workload, Kendra was to the point of quitting until her next appointment with Hailey, proved to be the best Brazilian waxing she'd ever done since she started working there. Kendra provides Hailey and her boyfriend, James with more than the typical waxing.


Warnings: This title contains graphic language and sex.
Word Count: 7300



"Don't worry, I'm not going to tell on you," Hailey whispered, playing with the ends of Kendra's hair. Hailey smiled and continued rubbing her knee against Kendra, coating it with her wetness, making Kendra whimper in response.

"Oh, my god, please don't stop," Kendra begged, closing her eyes, taking deep breaths, her chest heaving in and out.
"Does that feel good?" Hailey whispered against the curve of her neck while running the tip of her index finger over her breast. Although the fabric of Kendra's shirt prevented actual contract, her nipples responded instantly.
"Yes, my god, yes," Kendra moaned, starting to rock her lower body against Hailey's knee. Hailey kissed her, planting kisses against her lips, neck and the opening of her shirt. "You're going to make me come if you keep this up," she smirked.
"Isn't that the point?" Hailey looked at her through lustful eyes and pressed the tip of her tongue against her upper lip. She knew she was driving her crazy and loved every second of it. She slowly lifted Kendra's shirt over her head and kissed the satin fabric of her bra. She bit her bottom lip while releasing the hooks of Kendra's bra and freed her luscious breasts. Kendra moaned when feeling the soft touch of Hailey caressing the outline of her right breast, then the other. "Mmm, your breasts are so incredible." She rubbed her hand in figure eights motion around both breasts. She leaned forward, putting her hands on Kendra's lower back and kissed around her hardening nipple.
"Oh…yes," Kendra moaned, looking down at Hailey's tongue swirling around her nipple. She held the back of her Hailey's head, stroking her fingers through her hair. She bit her bottom lip hard, gripping her hair in her fist. "Oh…my god." Hailey slid closer to her and wrapped her arms around her, pulling her close, engulfing Kendra's nipple. She was hungry for her and sucked on her like there was no tomorrow. Kendra moaned and her body tensed as she continued watching her. She had never felt so incredible and was losing control. She let out a loud moan when feeling Hailey's hand rub against her wetness.
"Mmm, you're so wet," Hailey whispered against Kendra's hard nipple, kissing it lightly. Her hand moved back and forth against Kendra, feeling her getting wetter with each pass. "Do you like that?" she asked, looking up at Kendra, slipping her finger in between the wet lips, making Kendra shudder above her. She looked up at her, sucking on her bottom lip, moving her finger in and out of her, loving the feel of her wet around her. "Do you know…what…would make this…more fun?"
Kendra rocked her hips, grinding against Hailey's hand as she continued working her finger deeper. "Oh…god," she breathed, holding Hailey's hand harder against her. "God, what could be better than this?" she asked, enjoying what was already happening in between her legs.


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