Cougar Party by Veronica Sloan

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Stacy's quarterback son is an undeniable alpha male, but when his fraternity throws a kinky "Cougar Party," his usual girlfriends won't do. Looking to inject a little fun in her busy life, Stacy suggests they go as a fake couple. She's been so lonely, and Jason makes her feel so alive. She knows it's naughty, but after a night of fun and drinking, all Stacy wants is for Jason to take her upstairs!



"You have to do it quick, though," I said. "We...we really shouldn't be doing this."

"I can keep a secret." He pumped his hips into my fingers. "Squeeze it harder."

I squeezed harder.

"That's it." He bucked his hips. I watched the powerful muscles in his chest and thighs contract. I got the view from the front this time, my slippery fingers taking the place of Stephanie's cunt.

His balls were heavy, and they whipped against my wrists. "Ah. J-Jason, are you-?"

"I'm backed up, mom. You really have to work it."

"Oh Jesus..." He took my hand and pulled it rapidly back and forth along his shaft. I was masturbating my son.

"Talk dirty to me."


"You want me to cum or not?"


"It's dangerous if I can't ejaculate, mom."

"Jason, I don't know if that's true--"

"Then do what you want." He let go of my hand and left it up to me.

Not entirely up to me.

"You want some, too?" he whispered. "You want me to return the favor?" I recognized that tone of voice. It was the same husky whisper he'd used on Stephanie. Dirty promises, dirty words. His firm fingers traveled up my thighs.

"I..." I should have said no. I was supposed to, wasn't I? As a parent, you have all these preconceptions of what you're "supposed" to do. We were going too far. But Jason was so horny. And I... Was I horny enough to accept his hands on my body? His fingers were already pulling the tight skirt up my ass. "Oh, Jason, no-"

"Do you really mean no?" he whispered in my ear. "You're still jerking me off..."

And I was jerking him hard. Why hadn't he cum yet? Every time his thick penis pulsed in my hand I got an image of Stephanie bent over that bed. Her moans so helpless. Jason's fingers were already massaging my ass, hiking the skirt ever higher.

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