Family Taboo: A Brother Sister Incest Bundle

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What happens when sibling rivalry becomes sibling romance? In these four naughty novellas, brothers and sisters cross that line and never look back! This bundle includes four previously published ebooks:

In "Sister in Heat" (Volumes 1-2) Johnny's little sister needs him to satisfy her uncontrollable horniness, but what begins as steamy sex grows into so much more.

In "Hypnotizing My Virgin Sister," Claire is a selfish brat who's always getting her brother into fights...until he uses mind control to make her his obedient slave!

In "Deflowering the Ginger Twins," Arnold's step-sister asks him for a kinky favor. If he shows her virgin cousins how male anatomy works (inside and out), she'll give him what he's lusted for ever since their parents married.

Finally, in "Sharing My Sister's Bed," an award-winning writer welcomes his sister into his home after her marriage falls apart. Seeing her again, he thinks back on a long ago family reunion when they shared a bed and a forbidden love.



From "Sister in Heat":

"Shut up, John!"

I swung her around into my arms, holding her by the waist until she stopped trying to squeeze out of my grip. Eventually, in exasperation, she quit struggling and collapsed against my chest. "You're stupidly strong," she said.

"And big. Don't forget big."

She groaned into my chest.

"Kid, it's okay."

"It's so not okay…" Her mound of hair rolled against my chest.

I reached down and gently hooked her chin under my finger. "Listen to me-"

"Stop babying me!" she said.

"Okay," I said, but I didn't unhook my hands from her waist. "Don't disappear."

"I won't," she said. She looked at me and quickly glanced away. "You think I'm a freak."

"I don't."

She actually pouted a little bit. "I could be a freak…"

This girl… "Whether you are or you aren't, I'm your brother," I said. "So I'm obligated to put up with you."

This seemed to make some impression on her, but instead of nodding she just pulled slightly away, locking her own wrists behind my back and glancing at me sidelong. "What if you weren't my brother?"

"But I am."

"But if you weren't?"

"What do you want me to say?"

She grinned sheepishly. "Do you think I'm pretty?"

"Of course."

She bit her lip. "Do you think I'm bangable?"

"We're getting into freak territory now."

She grinned madly. "Good."

I shook my head, swinging her slightly from side to side. In our position, her waist was pinned against mine, and I could feel a warmth there…

"If we were just friends," she said, "and I needed help… You’d help, right?"

"You're scheming right now. I'm not hooking you up with any of my friends. I don't want that on my conscience."

She giggled. "I dunno. Brodie's pretty cute."


"But I don't think he'd take care of me…like you would."

"Yeah, well…"

Monica glanced briefly at the closed and darkened window at the side of the house, then slid closer to me, pushing her body once more into my chest. She pointed her nose up at me and spoke softer. "If we were friends…" she whispered.


"But we're more than friends."

Tenderly, she went up on her toes and kissed my chin, her eyes never leaving mine. Damn me for a fool, but that look in her eyes was at once dear and undeniable, and I couldn't pull away from it. We kissed, softly, secretly, on the lips. "You won't hurt me," she whispered into my mouth. "You won't judge me."

"This is a bad idea."

She slid her hand from around my waist, took mine, and ran it up her belly and into her shirt. "You do what I want, I'll let you do whatever you want…"

"You can find someone else-" I started, but of course I didn't pull my hand away. Her breast, her whole body, was on fire.

"I don't want someone else," she said. Her voice was still a dark, hungry whisper, her eyes bright pinpoints in the dark. "Not right now. I need you inside me. Tonight." She reached out and closed the gate behind us.


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