Family Taboo 2: Another Mother Son Incest Bundle

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They say a boy's best friend is his mother, but can she also be his lover? In these four naughty novellas, moms are tempted by the ultimate taboo. How can they resist their handsome sons when their hormones are raging and their passions cannot be controlled? This bundle includes "Cougar Party," "I Let My Step-Son Use Me," "It's Mind Control, Mommy!" and "I Can't Stop Hypnotizing Mom."



From "I Can't Stop Hypnotizing Mom":

He'd always been attracted to his mother. At 29, he knew he wasn't getting over it. Sometimes the ache was so intense that he wanted to confess this uncomfortable truth, but he shuddered to think of the consequence. Sinny was so nice that she might just say, "There, there, dear, I'm sure it's not that bad." She was also so innocent that the opposite could be true. She might scream at him in disgust. The attraction was bad enough when she was the simple, sweet mother he'd always known; but under the hypnotherapy her confidence was soaring. She talked about sex freely now - what she liked, what she wanted to do, how she wanted to do it - and felt more in tune with her body than ever before. The dress she'd worn last week had left him shaking through their whole session.

When Janice buzzed him to say his mother had arrived, he braced himself and told her to send her in. He almost barked when Cynthia strut through the door.

It was a new top. It had to be. He remembered all her most flattering blouses and this one was a cut above the rest. Literally. It was low cut - very low - and opened over the tops of her jiggling bosom. The blouse was thin and with a ruffled lace that framed her décolletage. It was clear she wasn't wearing a bra underneath. She wore a golden chain around her waist like a belt. Her backside was hugged by a tight black pencil skirt that just barely reached her knees. She was in heels. New ones, as black as polished night.

She smiled when she caught him looking. It was her new smile, the one that told him she was on the prowl.

As he stepped around his desk to embrace her, she kissed him full on the mouth. Greg was shocked - it must have been a mistake - and quickly jerked away. "Uh, well, hi to you too," he said.

"It's a very dark red. Here." She whipped a tissue off his desk and gently padded his lips.

"You're looking...good," he said. Close to her now, he could tell she'd just had her hair done. The curls sparkled brighter than the sunlight peeking through his window.

"How good?" she asked.

"So good," he confessed. "Very good. I'm sure you're driving dad crazy."

She set her purse down on his desk but didn't sit down herself. She studied him intently. "I want you to do something different today."

Her eyes were making him nervous. He put some distance between them to regain his composure. "Well, before you make any requests, I need to tell you that I think we've done all we can do. It's clear to see you're sexier - I mean, feeling sexier."

"Oh?" she said coyly. "Do you think so?"

"Mom," he intoned. He planted his hands on his hips and gave her a look. "You knew exactly what you were doing when you put on that outfit today."

She brushed her crimson lips. "Maybe..."

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